Chances of winning the Super Lucky Frog Slot Jackpot

super-lucky-frogThere is one sure-fire way that you can instantly increase your chances of winning a progressive jackpot when playing slots online, and that is to track down a slot to play on which there is more than one progressive jackpot on offer.

This is why the Super Lucky Frog slot is such a popular slot game with players logged into one of the numerous NetEnt Casinos such as Guts Casino or RedBet Casino, for whenever you spin the five video reels of this particular slot you have not one but three progressive jackpots that could be awarded to you.

This slot lets you put into play up to 25 paylines per base game spin, but keep in mind you are not forced to play all of those paylines and you do have a chance of trigger the bonus game which awards the progressive jackpot when you opt to put into play just one single payline.

However, as with any slot game that awards a bonus game via bonus symbols that have to line up on an activated payline to trigger that bonus game the more lines you play the greater your chances will be of triggering the bonus game.

In fact there is a second bonus game which can be triggered when playing the Super Lucky Frog slot and that bonus game is triggered by scatter symbols. That does mean if you are playing with a lower number of paylines than the maximum 25 then you have the same chance of being awarded with the free spins as any player playing all 25 lines per base game spin.

The free spins bonus game is simple enough to understand for three scatter symbols spinning in will then see you getting 10 free spins to play off, four scatter symbols in view awards you with 20 free spins and a total of 30 free spins are awarded to players who get all five scatter symbols spinning into view.

If you do decide to play the Super Lucky Frog slot game then make sure that if you gave a bonus in your account and you are thinking of using those bonus credits to play this slot you may not actually be permitted to do so. Being a progressive slot most casino sites insist that you play it with real money credits only and not bonus credits.

Also be aware that as all NetEnt no download casino sites offers a range of options settings you are going to be able to play this slot in many different ways, depending on how you configure it to play out via those option settings.

You can also opt to play it via a quick spin option settings and when you do so you will be able to play off a very large number of spins per session which is an ideal way to play it if you are simply chasing the progressive jackpots as a lot of the animations will be turned off when you turn on the quick spin settings.

You will also be able to turn on and utilize an auto play setting when playing the Super Lucky Frog slot game, and that is another great way to play this slot when you are simply chasing the bonus game that awards the progressive jackpots, as you can configure the slot to play itself and when the bonus game has been awarded the auto play will turn off and allow you to play that wheel spinning feature round manually.

Super Lucky Frog Slot Jackpot Tracker

As soon as you have at least three of the Frog bonus symbols on a payline and those Frogs symbols have been formed on consecutive paylines from reel number one onwards then the wheel spinning bonus game is triggered and awarded to you.

You are then going to be able to spin that bonus wheel in the hope you will win either a set number of coins or one of the three progressive jackpots. The highest valued jackpot is the Super Jackpot and below we have compiled the data regarding how many players in the last year have managed to spin in, via that bonus wheel the super progressive jackpot at one online casino site.

Number of Jackpots Won – A total of nine lucky players have spun in the Super Jackpot in the last year when playing the Super Lucky Frog slot, and that does mean this is one slot which tends to award its highest valued jackpot much more regularly than most other NetEnt designed progressive slot games.

Average Jackpot Payout – Those nine jackpot winners have on average won €130,198, and if you do decide to play this slot keep that figure in the back of your mind, for when the jackpot has grown over that figure in value that could be the indicator that the jackpot may just be about to payout.

Whilst there is never any knowing when the super jackpot will be awarded to you when playing this slot as the average amount won on this slot is €130,198 you may just have an increased chance of seeing the jackpot being awarded when its value is higher than that amount.

Total Won in the Last Year – In total via the super jackpot payout alone the Super Lucky Frog slot game has paid out a cool €1,171,783 in the last twelve months, and keeping in mind there are two other progressive jackpots to be won and base and bonus games winning combinations can be spun in and awarded this is certainly a very high paying slot game to play.

Average Days between Jackpots – If you do notice that a player has just won the super jackpot when playing this slot then on average the number of days when it is likely to be won again is 84 days. However, being a completely random slot the jackpot could be won the same day as it was previously won, but that would be a very rare event.

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