Cheats, Hints and Tips for the Reel Series Slots

As part of our Guides to the Real Series Slots in this one we are going to introduce you to a range of different ways, along with a whole host of facts and figures, that will hopefully allow you to increase your winning chances when playing any of the RTG designed Real Series slot games.

The first and most important aspect of playing these types of slots that you do need to be aware of is that each game in the Real Series collection of slots has all been certified as being fair and random, so you are always going to have a fair chance of winning when you are playing them optimally.

There are however a few noticeable differences in regards to the way these Real Series slot games work and play and as such please do keep on reading so as to be 100% certain you know about the unique ways these slot can play and pay.

Picking the Highest Paying Real Series Slots

One very important thing you need to be fully aware of when you are playing at a Real Time Gaming powered casino is that the operators of those sites will have the option of setting their Real Series slot games to play out to one of three different payout percentages.

When you play for example at Playtech or Microgaming powered casinos the operators and owners of those casino sites are not able to adjust the payout percentages of the slot games their respective casinos have on offer, as they are set in stone as soon as they have been launched and released onto the gaming platforms.

However, an operator and/or owner of a Real Time Gaming powered casino is able to choose to have their Real Series slot set to return to players a long term expected payout percentage of 91%, 95% or 97.5%.

The reasons the operators and owners of these casinos are able to adjust the payout percentages of their slot games is that many RTG casinos use a very high bonus business model, and as such some huge valued deposit match bonuses are given away to players and to compensate for those high bonuses the payout percentages of the slots are lowered.

So our very first slot playing tip if you wish to play Real Series slots is to try and locate an online casino offering the highest RTPs on their slot games, however you will often find those sites offer the lowest valued bonuses, so there may be some compromises to be made.

Staking Your Real Series Slot Spins

As you are going to be playing any Real Series slot game with the sole intention of winning, then it is going to be important that you put into play a stake level that is going to enable you to have the maximum winning chances, but also a stake level that your gambling budget is going to be able to sustain.

Fortunately a lot of the Real Series slot games come with a bonus feature game which is triggered by a set of scatter symbols which does of course mean you will not necessarily have to play all of the pay lines on offer to be in with a chance of triggering the bonus games.

Random Jackpot Chasing

As all Real Series slot games do of course come with a Random Jackpot then that is another thing that you will have to factor into your slot staking plan. There have been instances where players playing for tiny stake levels have managed to win a Random Jackpots and as such it would appear that you have a chance of winning one no matter how high or how low you stake each spin for.

In fact one playing tip we have been aware of for some time is that slot players who are playing Real Series slots will set the slot to play on the minimal stake option offered, which is usually just 0.01 per spin, and will then send the slot into Auto Play mode, and that player will then wander off and do something else whilst the low stake spins are playing off automatically.

The idea of this slot playing strategy is that with a player having the chance of making thousands upon thousands of spins when setting the slot into play for penny spins then that playing is going to have that many chances of seeing the progressive jackpot being awarded at the end of one single spin.

It will be up to you whether you think this is a worthwhile playing strategy to adopt, but with many players having a good level of success with this system and having won the progressive Random Jackpots when using it, it is certainly a system to consider adopting.

Claiming Multiple Bonuses

As many Real Time Gaming Casinos have a huge bonus model, this does of course mean that you are going to find some huge bonuses up for grabs not only on your initial deposit but on an ongoing basis.

This will mean that you have a very good chance of having multiple winning sessions when you choose to claim several bonuses on the trot. Do be aware however that the terms and conditions of any bonus is what will make one bonus more valuable than another and as such if you do intend to improve your winning chances by claiming multiple bonuses then do be aware of the best types of bonuses which are described below.

Any bonus offering no maximum cash out limit is a great bonus to consider taking as if you do win a Random Jackpot then you will not lose any of it due to a bonus having maximum cash out limits. Also any bonus that has a play through requirement of 30 times or less of just the bonus amount is another fantastic bonus to consider taking.

So always ensure if you are going to take lots of bonuses you look out and claim those with no maximum cash out limits and you select those bonuses which only have play through requirements of thirty times or less of your bonus amount only and not the deposit amount also.

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