Checklist for Choosing an Online Casino

Being limited to having just a small number of online casinos at which you can play is not something you are likely to experience irrespective of where you live or reside in the world. There are hundreds if not thousands of casinos online all vying for your trade, and choosing the right one is going to be paramount if you want a completely hassle free type of gaming experience.

With this in mind and to save you lots of headaches and often heartache, we have compiled a listing below of the individual qualities that you should be looking for from any casino site which you choose to play at. We are aware that every player will be looking for possibly lots of additional things when playing at a casino site online, however be looking for a site offering the following qualities you will then be able to at the least be assured of having a hassle free type of gaming experience.

Software Type – You may wish to play casino games on a laptop, a mobile phone or even your good old home computer, however as there are numerous different gaming platforms available from lots of different companies, then always be prepared to test drive several different ones.

By doing just that you will be able to locate a gambling platform that you like the look and feel of, and by playing at these sites initially for free you will not end up paying to play casino games on a gaming platform you cannot stand or hate.

If you do decide to play at a mobile casino site then be aware the number of games is often limited at such sites and for the maximum range and variety of different game you will be much better off playing via a laptop or computer, if you own such a thing.

Banking Options – The more banking options any online casino sites offers their players the better, you can often make the mistake of using a banking option that will cost you a small fortune to use at some online casino sites as there may be fees and charges to be paid when using some web wallets for example.

Once you find a casino offering a plethora of different banking options you will always have a way of depositing and also withdrawing your winnings that will not see the value of them being reduced in any way due to additional and often unexpected charges and fees.

Games on Offer – You will of course have plenty of games that you always enjoy playing when logged into an online casino site, and it is always going to be the case that the major software and gaming platform suppliers will offer you the most diverse range game variants when you choose to use any casino using their respective gaming platforms. So it may sound obvious but always make sure the games you want to play are actually on offer at any casino, and do that before you waste your time signing up and registering as a new player.

Value of Comp – Casino comps can cover everything form a loyalty program to the daily or weekly promotional offers such as bonuses that are going to be bestowed upon you when logged into any casino site when you then go on to play for real money.

Also double check and compare the actual rules and play through requirements of individual bonuses with other casinos, for often on much closer inspection a casino bonus may not be as high valued as you first thought, more so when you are prepared to shop around and compare casino promotional offers regularly.

Withdrawal Times – You will find that it is often the country where you live and are accessing any online casino site from that is going to have a bearing on just how long it is going to take for the casinos to send you back your winnings.

If you choose to get paid by a web wallet then it doesn’t matter where you live in the world as soon as the casino has processed your winning payouts back to a web wallet they will reflect in those accounts instantly.

Some countries have now implemented the speedy banking system whereby all bank transfers are credited to the account they have been sent to in under two hours, so if you live in the UK for example do consider using a bank transfer as your withdrawal method of choice as you will then get paid rapidly and with no hidden fees or charges.

Cash Out Limits – It is pointless try to win a huge jackpot or a large series of winning payouts if when you come to cash those winnings and jackpots out the casino you are playing at imposes maximum weekly or monthly cash out limits on you. With this in mind stick to casinos that have large or unlimited cash out levels as you will never be hanging around waiting for any long periods of time to get paid your winnings when playing at those casinos online.

Licensing Authority – Another thing that you should check out yourself is whether the casino you have chosen to play online does in fact hold a fully gambling license. Many online casinos will claim to be licensed, however they may not be! With this in mind always look at the website of the casino you are thinking of playing at find out who they claim their licensing authority is, and then check the website of that licensing authority to ensure they are listed as a license holder.

Game Fairness – Any casino games that you play online and for real money do of course need to be certified as both being fair and random. You are never going to be playing rigged or unfair games when logged into any of our listed casino sites, as each site we showcase throughout this website have all gone to some great lengths to guarantee their games are fair and true, and this includes getting them certified as fair by a recognized and experienced third party casino game testing company.

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