Checklist for UK Based Online Casino Players

ChecklistWith the New UK Point of Consumption Gambling Tax that will affect many players and the subsequent pull out of many trusted and long established online casinos from the UK market, we have put together a checklist which will remind all players based in Great Britain what they should be looking for when looking for a new casino at which to play at.

You may have found your usual casino has locked you out of your account as they have chosen to stop accepting UK based players, and if so you do need to be extra vigilant when looking around for a new site to sign up to and play at as there are a lot of poorly run sites out there, who will not be paying this newly imposed tax and are not even licensed.

So read through this guide and insist and demand that any casino still offering UK players access to their casinos that you are thinking of signing up to ticks all of the right boxes and offers all of the listed below qualities.

Licensed in a Recognised Jurisdiction

You will still find casinos that are licensed in places such as the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Malta are still going to be accepting players from the UK, and as such the one major requirement of any new casino you choose to sign up to should be that the casino holds a full and valid gambling license in one of those respected online gambling licensing jurisdictions.

Whilst there are some casinos which hold business licenses and similar non gambling specific operating licenses in other jurisdictions that can be trusted you need to be 100% sure that in the event of any unresolved problems you may have with an online casino can be directed to their licensing authority to be investigated, and that is only going to happen at UK casinos licensed in one of those aforementioned jurisdictions.

Let You Deposit and Play in GBP

One important aspect of playing at an online casino is that when you make a deposit into that site you will not want to have the value of your deposit being eaten away by fees and charges. One way that you could experience this is if the casino you have chosen to play at only lets you set the base currency of your casino account to a different currency other than your own.

You will be hit with all manner of expensive fees when you turn one currency into another, more so when using a Credit or Debit Card, and these fees do not stop at only your deposit, for if you win and cash out then those foreign currency winnings will be subject to an additional fee when you change them back into GBP.

So if any online casino you come across does not let you play in GBP, then knock that casino off your lists of sites to play at, for those additional fees will quickly eat away at your winnings and your gambling budget.

Games are certified as Fair

You will not want to play a slot machine that has got missing jackpot symbols on one of its reels, and you will not want to play a Blackjack game with no Aces in the deck, and neither will you want to play a Roulette game that is biased and when you bet on Red it will always spin in Black or Zero.

With this in mind you need to find out which company has certified the games on offer at any casino site you are thinking of playing at as fair and random. Not only should the games you play be designed and work and play exactly as they should do the random number generators need to be tested also.

Many UK facing online casinos have all of the information on who has tested their games and Random Number Generators listed on their website and many sites also display monthly game RTP audit certificates to give you added peace of mind that their respective games are fair and true, so do look out for them.

Recognised Gaming Platform

Probably the easiest way for you to be guaranteed that you are receiving fair and random games is to only play at casinos that are using a gaming platform you recognise as one supplied from the major casino games designers and online gaming platforms.

Look out for casinos who are using for example Playtech, Microgaming, IGT Interactive or NetEnt gaming platforms, for be playing at those casinos you are never, ever going to be left in any doubt that their games are fair, random and true.

You will often find casinos operating on an unknown and untested gaming platform will offer huge and unbelievable bonuses to get you to sing up and play at their respective sites. However, it is pointless being able to claim high value bonuses if at the end of the day the games are rigged and offer you no chance what so ever of winning on then.

No Outstanding Player Complaints

Finally, you will want to play at an online casino that has a sense of fair play. If anything goes wrong when you are playing any game or something happens such as a bonus hasn’t been credited then you will want the customer support team to be able to sort that problem out on the spot and instantly.

There are plenty of casinos that will offer you such a first class service and when choosing a casino have a hunt around the web and trying Googling the casinos name along with the word complaint at the end of your Google search to see if there are any outstanding unresolved player complaints, for if there are page after page of players complaining about a casino then avoid playing at that site and find one that is top rated with no player complaints.

All of our listed and reviewed casinos can be trusted and each of them has a solid track record for giving all worldwide players the ultimate gaming experiences.

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