Classic Slots with the Highest Wild Multipliers

Cherry-Red-SlotAs we know a lot of online slot players much prefer playing the more Classical type of slot games, today we are going to take a look at which of Microgaming’s many three reel, Classic Slots boast a set of Wild symbols, but not just standard Wild symbols for all of the following slot games boast Wild Multiplier symbols.

The main attraction of slots offering these types of reel symbols is that whenever one of them appears alongside a third standard type of symbol then it will multiply the value of the win by its attached multiplier value, and when you have two of these symbols lining up alongside a third standard symbol then that winning payouts value is increased even higher.

If you like the description of any of the following real money slot games then by clicking on the slot games name we will take you directly to our in-depth review of that slot and will furnish you with a plethora of additional information on how that slot pays and plays.

Couch Potato Slot – You are going to find that the Couch Potato slot game is available on Microgaming’s mobile and online gaming platform, and this little beauty of a slot game boasts x5 Wild Multipliers, but should two of them spin in alongside any third symbols then the winning payout of that combination is going to be boosted by a whopping 25 times its normal payout amount! Three of these Wild Multiplier symbols awards a 15000 coin jackpot when playing the maximum 3 coin wager.

High 5 Slot – The High 5 slot game is another very high variance slot game like the one above which Microgaming has designed as a three reel, single payline slot on which players can put into play up to 3 coins per spin. There is an enhanced 15000 coin jackpot up for grabs should you be playing it with three coins in play and the Wild Multipliers are the same as on the Couch Potato slot meaning they can increase a standard winning combination by x5 and x25 when one or two of those symbols help form a winning combination.

Cash Clams –  Should the underwater themed Microgaming Classic slot that goes by the name of the Cash Clams slot sound like a game you fancy playing then always put the maximum 2 coin wager into live play for that will increase the value of the jackpot from 2000 coins for a single coin wager up to 5000 coins. The Wild Multipliers in play on this slot double and quadruple a winning combinations value when you get one or two of them alongside any third standard reel symbol.

Cherry Red – Another of Microgaming’s great playing three reel one payline slots, the Cherry Red slot boasts x2 Wild Multipliers and any two of them alongside any other reel symbol will quadruple the value of that winning payout. This slot lets players play up to 2 coins on its single payline and by doing so you double the jackpot payout this game offers from 800 coins to 1600 coins.

City of Gold Slot – One of the more recent Classic slots that Microgaming have launched is the one or two coin City of Gold slot game, featuring x2 and 4 Wild Multiplier values the jackpot is worth some 800 coins and 1600 coins when you play with one or two coins in play respectively. For reference the Wild Multiplier symbol is the City of Gold game logo symbol, so you will not miss it spinning in as it is very brightly coloured and large.

Cracker Jack Slot – A large 2500 coin jackpot can be won if you give the Cracker Jack slot some play time with two coins in play on its single payline and with all winning combinations being doubled when one Wild Multiplier spins into it and those winning combinations with two of the Wild Multipliers in them being quadrupled in value some rather large winning payouts are possible.

Double Dose Slot – A very raunchy looking Nurse awaits you on the Double Dose slot which is a one or two coin Classic Slot from Microgaming featuring Wild Multiplier symbols that can double or quadruple any standard winning combinations value when one or two of them spin in and help to form a winning combination.

Double Magic Slot – Here is yet another of Microgaming’s more classical of slot games which have been available on their online gaming platform since the very early days, this game has now been given a mobile makeover and is also available on their mobile gaming network. The Wild Multipliers in play on this slot game are the Star symbols one of which doubles a winning combinations value whilst two of them will double any standard winning payouts value.

Double Wammy Slot – There is a 2500 coin jackpot up for grabs if you play the Double Wammy slot with all 3 coins in play and that will be awarded for lining up all three of the Wild Multiplier symbols, these symbols are the Double Wammy logo symbols and the multipliers attached to them are x2 for one in any winning combination and x4 for any combination that has two of them in it.

Frost Bite Slot – Another of the fairly now standard Classic slots which you will find on offer at all online casinos using Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform is the Frost Bite slot and this is a one or two coin slot with the usual three reels and single payline, the Wild Multiplier double and quadruple a winning payout should one or two of them respectively help to complete a winning combination.

Jack in the Box – You will find the values of winning combinations will be worth x2 and x4 when one or two of the Wild Multiplier reel symbols drop in alongside a standard reel symbol when playing the Jack in a Box slot and by playing two coins as opposed to just one on its single payline when three of the Wild Multipliers spin in on the payline the jackpot is boosted from 2000 coins to 5000 coins.

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