Live Common Draw Blackjack

netent-live-dealer-blackjackWe have some good news for all you online blackjack players out there who prefer the Live Blackjack games as opposed to playing the random number generator controlled, software driven games that most online casinos seem to offer, and this is that NetEnt has just launched a brand new Live Blackjack variant.

This must play Blackjack game goes by the name of Live Common Draw Blackjack, and it has to be one of the most advanced and unique type of Blackjack game you are going to find on offer anywhere online!

What makes this game so very unique is that unlike standard Live Blackjack games were only a limited number of players can access the game on any one Blackjack table, usual a maximum of seven players, on this new game a much larger amount of players can play at any one table!

This now means you are guaranteed to find an open seat when playing Live Common Draw Blackjack at any NetEnt software powered casino offering this stunning new game.

Common Draw Blackjack “Card Stream”

Please pay careful attention to the following Card Stream part of the Live Common Draw Blackjack game playing rules, as it is extremely important that you get your head around the way this new feature works and operates!

The Live Common Draw Blackjack game uses something known as a Card Stream which is a necessary requirement due to this Blackjack game variant allowing many players to access the game all at the same time and not just a maximum of seven players as Standard Blackjack games do.

As soon as the place your bets timer reaches zero and every player has placed their wager for the next round, the Dealer deals out one face up card to his hand and two face up cards into the Card Stream, these two face up cards are the cards both yourself and every other player in that current game are using as their own individual yet shared two initial cards.

Just so your understand what we have just stated, every single player is using the two initial cards that have been dealt out into the Card Stream as their starting hand, so if for example an Ace and a King are the two cards in this Card Stream and the Dealers card for sake of argument is an Eight, then rejoice you and your fellow players have all got Blackjack!

However on all other two card initial hands players are given their own set of gaming options on how they wish to play those two cards, much like on any other Blackjack game variant.

So if the first two cards are a Ten and a Six for example, then you can choose to Hit or Stand that hand, each player takes it in turn to choose how to play those two initial cards and once locked into place and once everyone’s initial betting decision has been made the game will then move onto the next phase.

This will see all players who have chosen to Stand their hand being locked out of the next round of betting having opted to Stand that sixteen valued hand we just gave as an example.

The next part of the game will see an additional card being dealt into the Card Stream, so everyone who has Hit, Split (where relevant) or Doubled Down those two initial cards, will be using this third card in the Card Stream along with the initial two cards to form their hand.

The game then progresses until every players betting decision has been placed and there are no outstanding cards to be dealt based on those betting choices.

At this stage in the game the Dealer then deals out his additional cards as demanded by the game playing rules mentioned below.

Fact and Figures

OK, let us now take a look under the bonnet so to speak of the Live Common Draw Blackjack game, we should start by telling you that this game uses six decks of playing cards, and this shoe of cards is always shuffled before a new round is set into live play.

Based on the six decks in play and the associated payouts and game playing rules which we will shortly introduce you to, this game boasts a house edge of a very manageable 0.50%.

Table stake limits are also in place, however both low and high rolling players are all catered for and as with most online and live Blackjack games you are able to adjust the actual stake levels you are playing for before a new hand is dealt out.

As this is a Live Blackjack game you will need to follow the instructions of the Blackjack Dealer who is going to instruct you when you need to place your wagers for the next round, once he or she instructs you to place your initial bet an on screen timer will begin to countdown.

It is your obligation to ensure that you have placed your required wagers onto the betting box allocated to you at the start of the game, failure to do so before the time reaches zero will see you not taking part in the next round.

Betting Options and Game Play Rules

The Live Common Draw Blackjack game is not played with a Hole Card and as such in the initial part of the game the Dealer is only dealt one face up card and you are dealt your two initial cards.

The game playing rules are quite straight forward and as such as a player you can always should you desire, Double Down on any Hard 9, 10 or 11 two card initial hand you have been dealt.

It is worth noting that by Doubling Down you need to place another wager onto the table in payment for being dealt an additional card, so when playing this Live Blackjack game it is advisable that you have enough reserves in your casino account to accommodate you Doubling Down your wager on and single hand you play!

Should you not wish to buy another card by Doubling Down, but wish to have a free one dealt to your hand then simply click on the Hit Button when it is your turn to bet, and then an additional card is dealt to you via the Card Stream.

You can of course Stand your hand should you be happy with the value of it and unlike the Dealer who is obliged to Hit any 16 or lower valued hand and must Stand on any Soft 17 valued hand or higher, you can Stand on any hand value.

Players can Split any two cards that share the exact same value, so a pair of 4’s can be split as can a pair of unmatched ten valued cards such as a King and a Jack.

When you Split any pair of same valued cards then you will of course be required to place an additional wager to the same value as your initial wagered amount onto the new hand that has been formed.

You can draw as many cards as you like to any Split pair the only exception to this rule is when you have been dealt a pair of Aces as just one card will be dealt to them both.

Insurance is going to be offered to all players taking part in any one game of Live Common Draw Blackjack when the Dealers up facing initial card is an Ace, as with all standard Blackjack games the Insurance wager will cost you exactly half of your initial wagered amount if you opt to take it.

You can also, and this is a great playing rule, opt to take an even money payout if your hand is a Blackjack and the Dealer’s up facing card is an Ace!

Time Outs and Insufficient Credits

Due to the live nature of this Blackjack game should you not make any betting decision when it is your turn and your allocated time for making such a move has run out the Dealer will automatically stand your hand.

If you have opted to Double Down, or take Insurance or Split a hand but have insufficient credits to allow you to make that move, then your hand will automatically Stand instead.

Winning Payouts

All standard winning Player’s hands pay out at odds of even money on the game of Live Common Draw Blackjack. A winning unmatched by the Dealers Player’s Blackjack hand pays out at odds of 3 to 2.

Taking an Early payout when you have a Blackjack hand and the Dealers up facing card is an Ace pays even money. The payout odds awarded for a winning Insurance wager is 2 to 1.

Be aware that a Split hand that contains an Ace and any ten valued card is not deemed to be a Blackjack hand and as such if this hand wins the payout is even money as opposed to 3 to 2.

Chat Room Facility

As the Live Common Draw Blackjack game is very much a community styled game, then you will have full use of the on screen Chat Room feature, and this allows you to exchange light hearted banter with your fellow players, or have a few words with the Dealer or Pit Boss.

However you are advised to use the chat room much like chatting in the real world and not use it to hurl abuse at any other player or the Dealer should the cards not be going your way!

Should you find the Chat Room too distracting then you are free to hide the Chat Box at any time so as to allow you to concentrate with the game at hand! Be aware that when you do chat in the Chat Room all messages are stored for one year, so do behave!

On screen Billboard

Another handy feature for those statistical minded Blackjack players out there is the Blackjack Billboard, this is an on screen box that shows you the Dealers last 10 hands, the last hand for all players including the number of winning players or pushed hands in the previous game.

Plus this Blackjack Billboard will keep you fully up to date with the current hand in play by alerting you to how many players, shown as a percentage, that have Hit, Split, Stood or Double Downed their hand after each card has been dealt out into the Card Stream!

Common Draw Blackjack Playing Tips

As with all online Blackjack games you need to be a perfect strategy player to benefit from getting the house edge that the game you are playing offers, and as such to get the house edge to as near as is possible to its certified 0.50%, on this game you need to always be playing optimum strategy.

With this in mind here are a few easy to remember playing tips for playing NetEnt’s Live Common Draw Blackjack game:

Insurance Bet – The Insurance wager is going to be offered to you every time that Dealers up facing card is an Ace, forget about taking this optional side bet for its house edge is massive and it is not worth taking as a series of losing Insurance wagers will knock the base games house edge for six!

Do Not Split Tens – Never make the mistake of Splitting any pair of Ten valued cards, when playing this Blackjack game variant perfect playing strategy calls for you to Stand any pair of Ten valued cards.

Always Split Aces – Where as you should never split a pair of Tens, the opposite is true when you have been dealt a pair of Aces, always split them no matter what!

Keep an Account Balance – Due to the insufficient funds game play rules above in regards to Doubling Down and Splitting a hand or taking Insurance always have enough of an account balance to accommodate such wagers when playing this game, as you will not have enough time to top up your casino account when your funds are zero and you need to make those additional wagers!

Playing With a Bonus – Now there are many NetEnt software powered online casinos that will shower you with all manner of welcome bonuses when you join up to their respective casino sites.

However not all casino bonuses awarded can be used on Live Blackjack games such as this Common Draw Blackjack game, so if you do have a bonus of any amount in your casino account, make sure that you can play this game with that bonus, if not and you do play this game you risk having any and all winnings voided.

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