Common Staking Errors Made By Video Slot Players

When you are choosing what stakes to play games such as video slots, then there are several ways that you should be playing these slots to ensure that you always have the maximum number of winning opportunities line live play.

Take a look through the following guide for we are going to show you just how you should be looking to play a range of different video slots based on what features and jackpots they have on offer, and by taking note of the following playing tips you will never be making any type of video slot playing errors.

Bonus Symbols – Any slot on which you are going to find a range of bonus symbols which need to line up on a payline to trigger a bonus game need to be played with all of the paylines on offer on that slot in live play.

You really will be running the risk of losing out on trigger as many bonus games as maximum payline players when you reduce the number of line you play on these types of slots. So if you do every play a slot offering bonus symbols which have to line up on a payline to trigger their respective bonus games then play with all of the lines on offer reducing the coin values to suit your budget and make playing those slots affordable.

Scatter Symbols –There are two main uses of scatter symbols, the first thing to note about these types of symbols however is that they are going to be in live play no matter how many paylines you have in play.

The first use of a scatter symbol will be to possibly award players with winning payouts once a certain number of them have spun into view anywhere on the slot games screen. The amount you will win when you spin in enough of those symbols will be a multiple of your total staked amount.

You will also find that a free spins bonus game can also be awarded dot you on some slot games when enough scatter symbols have spun in, but when playing such a slot you are going to have  a much greater chance of winning big by playing them with as many paylines in play as you can.

If you only play 4 paylines on for example a 20 payline slot then you will only have 20% chance of spinning in a winning combination via that games scatter symbols awarded free spins round than you would do when you play all 20 pay lines, so keep that in mind.

Progressive Jackpots – You could actually see the progressive jackpot winning combination spinning in on a slot game you are playing and then have the horrifying realization that you have not activated the payline that it has been spun in on, and that will of course mean that jackpot will not be awarded to you.

With that in mind no matter which progressive slot game you choose to play you need to make sure that you have got every single payline in live play and more importantly the one on which the progressive jackpot is going to spin in on.

Many people tend to shy away from playing multiple payline slots which have progressive jackpots attached to them due to those slots often being quite expensive slots to play, for not everyone can afford to play maximum stakes on each spin they play off.

If you are one of our website visitors who likes playing progressive slots but would always prefer to play them for very low stake levels then opt to play some of the slot son which random jackpots can be awarded dot players no matter at what stake levels they are playing them for.

Pick and Win Bonus Games – There is always going to be a direct link in regards to how much you can win form a pick and match bonus game based on the stake amounts you are putting into play.

You will often see listed on the pay table of these types of slots how much you can win as a maximum winning payout form their pick and win bonus game but that will always be the absolute maximum you can win when playing maximum coins.

If you choose to play a smaller number of coins then the most you can win from the pick and win rounds will be much lower, so for example if a slot has a maximum stake of 200 coins and the bonus pick and win bonus game can award a maximum payout of 5000 coins then when you play 20 coins spins the most you will be able to win is 500 coins.

Free Spins Bonus Games – Any video slot which is going to award you with a set of free spins should only be played with you putting into play the maximum number of payline that slot has available, By playing with maximum paylines in live play then you will never run the chance of missing out on a winning combinations spinning in which you will do when playing fewer than the maximum number of pay lines.

However, if you are playing on a small limited budget then you can of course play video slots which have free spins bonus games on offer with any number of lines in play but always be aware that you will have a much reduced chance of spinning in multiple winning combinations when playing with only a few paylines on offer.

If you want to play some slots on which you can play 243 paylines for a tiny stake and also be playing lots that offer free spins bonus games then take a look at the All Ways and All Plays slot offered at some of our featured casino sites.

When playing those slots you will only have to play 25, 30 or even 50 coins to have 243 paylines always in live play and as such they are very cost effective slots for low stake slot players who demand the maximum winning opportunities.

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