Comparing 3 Card Poker Variants

three-card-pokerAs 3 Card Poker is the most played casino poker card game you do need to be aware that there are quite a number of differences in regards to the variants of three card poker that are available online, and as such in this article we are going to take a look at three of the major online gaming platforms and take a look at the respective 3 Card Poker variants that are available.

The three online gaming platforms whose 3 Card Poker game variants we will be taking a look at are Microgaming, Playtech and Real Time Gaming, all of whom will let you play their respective variants of this game for free or for real money.

Three Card Poker – The Basics

If you have never come across 3 Card Poker before then you have been missing out on a great casino card game which is easy to play and comes with many different payouts depending on just which of the two different games you choose to play, for this is one of the only card games which offers two games in one.

When you launch the game you will be given the choice of playing the standard Ante type bet and you can opt to play the Pairs Plus bet alongside the Ante bet or play it on its own.

The game, when set into live play will see the Dealer dealing out three cards for himself and three cards to the Player, you need be aware that you will only be able to see your three cards in the initial stage of the game for the Dealers cards are dealt face down.

If you have opted to play the Ante Bet then you will be given the option of Raising your bet or Folding your hand once it has been dealt out to you, Folding your hand is going to cost you the Ante wager you staked to set the game in motion, however by Raising your wager you need to place an additional bet onto the table at the same stake level as your Ante Bet.

The aim of the Ante Bet is for your three card hand to be a higher ranking one than the Dealers and if it is you will be paid out at even money for your Ante Bet and depending on the rank of your hand and if the Dealer qualifies by having a Queen or higher in his hand, then a range of additional payouts are awarded for the Raise part of your wager. If the Dealer does not qualify you are paid just the even money payout for your Ant Bet and your Raise bet is returned to you as a push.

The Pairs Plus Bet will see you getting a winning payout should your hand be a Pair or higher in value irrespective of what the Dealers hand is and as such the Dealer does not need to qualify for you to receive this winning payout as the value of his hand is not taken into account.

Microgaming 3 Card Poker

Microgaming are a popular choice of gaming platform for a lot of online casino players, and if there is one thing that you can be assured of when Playing at any casino site powered by Microgaming it is that you will find a very diverse range of casino games.

They do of course offer a 3 Card Poker game and as such you are going to find both a classic game and their enhanced Gold Series 3 Card Poker variant which comes with enhanced graphics and a very easy to use interface.

The standard and best pay table is attached to their game which will result in the house edge of the Ante Bonus payouts being 3.37% and the Pairs Plus Bonus payouts working out at a low 2.32%.

Real Time Gaming Tri Card Poker

You will find a Tri Card Poker game on offer at Real Time Gaming (RTG) powered online casinos which, for all intents and purposes is a standard type of 3 card poker game with just a different name. However, the thing you need to keep in mind when playing at any site powered by RTG software is that the operators of these sites have several different pay tables that they can put into play on their Tri Card Poker games.

This will mean that you will have to do some shopping around and will have to compare the pay tables attached to the Tri Card Poker game offered at each Real Time gaming powered casino you may be a member of for you will not want to be paying a on a game offering a high house edge.

The best pay table attached to the game in regards to the Ante Bonus Bet payout is the one with the following payouts: Straight flush 5 to 1, three of a kind 4 to 1, Straight 1 to 1 as this game offers a low house edge of just 3.37%. The worst Ante Bonus Bet pay table offers the following payouts: Straight Flush 3 to 1, three of a kind 2 to 1, Straight 1 to 1, for the house edge on this pay table is a high 4.28%.

Playtech Poker Three Game

If you are looking for one of the lowest house edge 3 Card Poker game variants then you will not go far wrong by opting to play at a Playtech software powered online casino site and selecting their variant of 3 Card Poker which goes by the name of Poker Three.

The house edge on the Pair Plus bet is a tiny is 2.32% and the Ante Bet house edge is the industry standard 3.37%, and as Playtech casino operators are unable to put into play different pay tables you will not have to worry about checking the pay tables like you will have to do at Real Time Gaming powered sites to ensure you are getting the highest paying version of the game.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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