Comparing Instant Play Slots to Downloadable Slot Machines

We are certainly living in an age where speed is important, whether this is when you are travelling, or shopping or even playing casino games online. With this in mind and as you have both an instant play range of slot games available at most online casinos utilizing various different software platforms, today we are going to compare those instant play slots with fully downloadable gaming platform slots to see if there are any benefits of playing one as opposed to the other.

Whilst there are of course your own personal reasons why you either play downloadable slots or opt for the instant play, Flash powered slots that can be found online in great numbers, should you be new to the online gaming world, and want the very best gaming experience from the minute you start your online slot playing adventure, then do have a look through this article as it may help you finally decide on which types of slots you play online.

Accessing and Playing Instant Play Slot Games Online

The main benefit of playing any type of instant play slot machine is that you are never going to be in a position where you have to download the entire shell of the casino at which you are playing before you can actually get stuck into playing that slot.

There are a few minor disadvantages of playing instant play slots and these are usually that you are unable to set the slots to play in your own unique way via the option settings that are more readily available on the same slot that is available on the downloadable gaming platform, however if you are happy to play slots as they come then you should enjoy playing them on an instant play version of the casino.

You are of course going to be able to play instant play slot games at no risk much like you can when playing them any other way whether that is at a mobile casino site or a downloadable one, however remember that many progressive slots are only accessible via real money modes due to the progressive jackpot prize pools being fed by real money players stakes.

Many instant play casinos now offer a multi software type of gaming platforms and as such when you choose to play at such a site online you are not forced to play just one software providers range of slots you can play slots from many different software providers, which means there are going to be plenty of different types of slot games on offer, and you will not have to move from casino to casino to play those additional slot machines.

Bonuses and slot players comps and loyalty points will flow your way as freely when you play instant play casino games as they do whenever you play at a downloadable casino site, however as is often the case the value of the bonuses and comps you can be awarded with and earn is going to differ from casino to casino, so always be prepared to shop around for the very best promotional deals and offers.

Additional Benefits of Playing Downloadable Slot Games

For the optimal online slot playing experience it is going to be the online casino software that offers a fully downloadable type of gaming platform that will offer you the best range of slot games and a whole host of additional little extras.

When you are logged into a Microgaming downloadable gaming platform for example you are going to find that you can take part and enter a large and very varied number of different types of slot tournaments, which are not available to players opting to use a casino using their instant play platforms.

You are also able to tailor your own type of online slot playing session when using a downloadable gaming platform and this is due to their being a huge number of optional player settings available on this type of gaming platform.

You will be able to adjust the usual sound and screen size settings, but you are also going to be able to adjust fully the speed at which the reels spin and will also be able to utilize the Auto Play settings which enable players to play as many spins as they please automatically without that player have to click on the start buttons to set the games into motion.

When you couple the Auto Play setting with the tabbed browser feature that some online casinos have available via their downloadable gaming platform this means you will be able to open up and launch several slots all at the same time and then sit back and watch as they are all playing out.

With you also being able to drag the slot game windows away from the casino main screen itself then you can locate and position them anywhere you choose on your computers monitor so you can clearly see them all playing out without the need to scroll through each slot game window individually.

You will also be able to access your online slot playing gaming logs when playing at a downloadable casino site quite easily, many software companies such as Microgaming will let a player launch by a simple click of your mouse, the entire gaming logs of any session you have played recently which means you are always going to be able to review your slot play and work out just how well the slots have or have not been paying on any session put into play.

Often you are going to find it is much easier to redeem your accumulated comps and exchange them into casino credits at a downloadable casino site as this can be done without the need to visit a web page and log in separately as is often the casino when you are playing at an instant play casino site.

In our opinion it is far better to play the downloadable gaming platforms, for once downloaded you will be getting a much more enjoyable type of gaming session, however whether you play those types of casinos or instant play ones is of course up to you.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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