Comparing Online Bingo Sites to Online Casinos

Everyone likes a change, probably more so when they are in a gambling frame of mind. With there being such a large number of online bingo sites readily available, you may be considering signing up and becoming a member at such a site and in this article we are going to take a look at what you can expect to find should you become an online Bingo player.

If you are already familiar with casino games, whether it is card or table games, slot or video poker games or enjoy playing some of the more unique types of casino games such as Keno, then you will probably already have an understanding of the odds, payouts and ways these types of games are structured.

However, if you choose to play online Bingo you need to understand several different aspects of the way each games plays and pays and whether you are going to be getting a fair and reasonable chance of winning or are simply throwing your money away.

Below you will find an overview of what you will find at online bingo sites and we will compare the games on offer along with the game playing environment to those found at online casino sites, to allow you to make up your own mind whether playing Bingo is worth your time and effort.

Online Bingo Games v’s Online Casino Games

You are of course going to notice the games on offer at an online Bingo site are bingo related, however there are a number of casino based games available at most if not all Bingo sites.

If you are playing at a Bingo site which uses the gaming platform from companies such as Microgaming or Playtech then you will find plenty of games you are familiar with on offer. However, the Bingo games come in many different formats.

You will find 90 Ball Bingo games on which you have to get one line, two lines or all three lines of your 15 number card all crossed off first to be a winner, or you could opt to play 75 Ball and 80 Ball Bingo games which will see you having to get a line in any direction, a certain pattern or all numbers crossed off on any one single card you purchase before any other player.

You will find the prizes on offer on all Bingo games will and do vary in size however the biggest paying games are the progressive games, which can be played for tiny stakes! You will in all fairness get the same level of entertainment and excitement when playing online Bingo as you would when playing casino games.

The Chances of you winning in Both Environments

When you play casino games online you will find each game has been designed to return to players a certain amount of the total wagered stakes on each game over the long term operation of that game.

You are going to find real money Blackjack games and Video Poker games can return a huge amount of the wagered stakes as prizes and when playing games such as slot machines online the games are usually set to return around 94% to 98% of the staked amounts as prizes.

However, when playing Bingo online you are never going to know how much of the players stakes are returned as prizes, and the actual chances of you winning depend on how many tickets you have purchased and just how many fellow players are taking part in each game you choose to play.

In very busy Bingo sites you will find tens of thousands of players online and playing Bingo and the busier a site is the lower your actual chances are going to be of winning any one single game. So if you do play Bingo online try and take part in the 90 Ball Bingo games for those games have three prizes on offer as opposed to one cash prize being offered on the 75 and 80 Ball Bingo games.

Comparing Bonus Offers and Special Player Promotions

One aspect of playing online Bingo that often appears to value seeking players is that many sites give you a bonus of every single deposit you make. The value of the deposit match type bonus can vary from site to site, however the fact they are giving away such bonuses should give you an indication of how high you chances of winning actually are.

You will be very hard pressed to find an online casino that could offer you a large bonus each and every time you make a deposit, however if you look hard enough you will find many casinos that do offer daily bonuses but sadly they are not as large as those offered to online Bingo players.

Do be aware that as many Bingo sites do have a large range of additional casino games on offer you are often going to find that the deposit match bonuses are only able to be utilized on their Bingo games, so do not think you can claim a huge deposit match bonus and then head straight to the casino games that site offers to increase your winning chances.

Also be aware that many bonuses offered to players at a Bingo site online are given away not as actual cash in your player account but as something known as BB’s, this simply is a point system whereby you are able to use those points to buy Bingo cards and only when you have purchased enough cards with your BB’s are you then permitted to cash out any winnings accumulated with those points.

If you do enjoy playing casino games then you are unlikely to find the online Bingo playing environment to your liking, more so if you like to play games on your own. Each Bingo site will have a built in chat room where players can interact with each other, and there sadly is a lot of inane mindless waffle spouted in those chat rooms which can distract or really annoy a casino game player not used to such a community based environment.

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