How to Configure BetSoft Slots for Optimal Play

fruit-zen-slotWe have recently added a whole new batch of BetSoft Gaming slots reviews onto our website, and we are confident that once you get stuck into playing any of those 3D slot games you really are going to have an enjoyable, entertaining and possibly profitable time.

However, as there may be a good chance that you have never actually played the range of BetSoft Gaming designed slots online before, then please do take a look through this following guide. For below you are going to find out how you can configure those slot games to enable you to have a totally tailored slot playing experience, and one you will enjoy.

The first thing to be aware of is that you will find many of the slots from BetSoft Gaming do of course come with fully adjustable staking options. That means when playing any of their slots other than the new breed of 243 ways to win slots you will have full control of just how many paylines you can put into play.

You will also be able to alter and adjust the coin values attached to each payline, and the vast majority of their slots will also let you play from one to five or from one to ten coins per payline, so their range of games can be accessed and play for low or high stake amounts. Please do also be aware that the maximum coin value setting on BetSoft Gaming designed slot games is 0.02.

BetSoft Gaming Slot Option Settings

Let us now list for you and give you an overview of all of the options settings attached to all BetSoft Gaming supplied slot games, which for reference you are going to find on offer over at our top rated Vegas Crest Casino site.

Background Music – If you want the maximum playing pleasure, entertainment and the general excitement of playing slot game online then make sure you do make use of all of the option settings we are about to introduce to you when playing BetSoft Gaming designed slot online.

The first option setting which you can either choose to turn on or off is the background music, when you play slot games at any casino site utilizing the BetSoft suite of slots game music will be playing in  the background to give you  much more lifelike gaming experience. However you are able to turn that background on or off at any time.

Sound FX – Highly advanced FX sound effects will also be in play as you are playing BetSoft Gaming designed slots, and as such for the ultimate gaming experience make sure that you do have the Sound FX option settings turned on and activated and of course ensure you have the speakers and audio settings on the computer you are playing those slot games on switched on and up.

However, much like each of the other player adjustable option settings if you would prefer playing those slot games in complete silence then you can of course opt to turn off and de-activate the Sound FX option settings and you can then play the slots in complete silence.

Turbo Play – Being able to play slot games at a speed you want to play them for will enable you to have an enjoyable slot playing session online not everyone wants to play slots for the same speed and this is why BetSoft gaming have opted to put into place a Turbo Speed option setting.

By turning on that option setting you will then notice the slot game reels all speed very, very quickly and will soon stop too! So make sure this is another option you are aware of when playing at any casino offering their range of games if you are looking to have the maximum number of slot spins in the shortest amount of time.

Skip Splash Screen – When you launch the slot games from the menu at any casino site offering the BetSoft Gaming designed range of slot games there will often be a splash screen displayed on the screen as it is loading.

Once the game loads you will then see a small animated presentation of the slot showing many of its unique features and some additional information on the bonus games or bonus features attached to that slot.

If you would prefer not to see the splash screen at all and to allow the slot to simply launch and load straight on the base game then you need to click on the options setting tab and turn on the Skip Splash Screen tab, you will then not have to view the animated clips before you can then get stuck into playing that slot game online.

Graphical Quality – It will of course be dependent on just what type of device you have chosen to play BetSoft Gaming slot games on as to just how high definition the graphical quality will be.

However, there are a set of three options settings you can choose to in regards to the actual graphical quality that each game you play will be presented with, clicking onto the option tab setting will then allow you to adjust the graphical quality to Low, Medium or High.

If you have a state of the art computer with a very good graphics card attached to it then make sure you opt for the High graphical quality for by doing so you really will be getting the maximum playing pleasure thanks to very high end graphics and animations in play on the slot you have chosen to play.

Auto Play – As with most other slot game designers online slot games you will also find that you have a range of auto play option settings available to you whenever you opt to play the BetSoft Gaming designed slot online.

So if you want to see the slots playing themselves whilst you sit back then make sure you click on the auto play setting, choose a stake option, the number of spins you wish to play off, then you will be able to watch each spin playing of with no interaction required off you what so ever.

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