How the Controls Work on Online Video Poker Games

We are quite confident that when you play at any of our featured online casinos and play any of the games on offer at those sites you will find them very easy to control and operate games and will have plenty of fun playing them.

However, we are aware that many players may not have played certain casino games before, and with there being literally thousands of different casino games on offer if you have been looking around for a new game category to get stuck into playing, but have been a little put off testing out some new games due to you never playing those game before and being a little confused about how the game play control buttons work and operate keep on reading.

For this guide will help you if you are or have been completely baffled by all of the playing and betting decisions you will have to make when playing some new games, then we have a series of article that will help you get your head around all of the different game play options and game play control button attached to a range of different casino games.

In this guide we are going to take a look at how to play video poker and below you will find a definitive overview of all of the many different betting and playing decisions you will be faced with when playing these types of casino card games along with an overview of what each game play button does and how they work and operate.

Coin Options – One of the most important aspects of playing any online video poker game will be for you to set the coin value settings to those you can afford to play the variant you are playing for, and as such you will find a Coin Options setting control button on which you can increase or decrease the coin values to suit your playing budget.

Be aware that most but not all online video poker variants will enable you to have the chance of winning an enhanced jackpot payout when you are playing with the maximum number of coins in play per hand deal tout to you, and with that in mind if the variant of video poker you are playing does offer such an enhanced jackpot then whatever coin value you have chosen to play for you should always play maximum coins to benefit from that enhanced jackpot payout, which will ensure you get the highest possible payout percentage offered by that game over the long term.

Bet One – Each time you click onto the Bet One button you will put one additional coin in play, so if out only wish to play for a small number of coins per hand then use this button as opposed to the one below.

Bet Max – Clicking on the Max Bet button when playing video poker will see you putting into play on the next hand you play off the maximum permitted number of coins allowed via that variant, be aware as mentioned above a lot of online video poker games offer you an enhanced jackpot payout when playing maximum bet stakes per hand and as such you should always play those variants with the maximum number of coins in play which is made easy by simply click on this Max Bet button.

Deal – Once you have chosen your coin value setting and have selected just how many coins you wish to play per hand all that remains for you to do is to click on the Deal button, as soon as you do you will be dealt out an initial hand containing five randomly selected playing cards, these cards are all dealt out to you facing upwards and you are then faced with choosing which cards to hold and which ones to discard in the second phase of the game.

Hold – Once you have been dealt out your five initial playing cards by clicking on the Deal button described above then you need to use your skill and judgement to decide which cards to hold, you simply need to click on either the hold button that is located underneath each card or by clicking on the cards themselves, and once clicked that card will then be locked into place and by clicking on the Deal or Re Deal button again you will then see any cards you have not held being removed from the display and new ones being dealt out to replace them.

Auto Hold – You will also find under the options tab an option known as the Auto Hold, by activating that option when you have been dealt out your initial five cards the game will automatically hold the best cards for your from those initial five cards based on the perfect playing strategy for that variant you are playing, so make sure you turn this option on and always have it in play as you will never make any playing errors when it is switched on and activated.

Collect – If you have been dealt out a winning hand combination then some video poker game variants will give you the option of trying to increase the value of that winning hand combination by taking an optional gamble type bonus game, if you would prefer not to take the gamble game option then once e you have been dealt out a winning hand combination click on the Collect button and your winnings will then be transferred over to your casino account balance.

Double – If you do wish to try and increase the value of you base game winning hand combination then by click on the Double button you will then be given the option of playing off the gamble game, this is usually a double or nothing based game on which you are faced with one up facing playing card and four playing cards dealt out face down, and you are tasked with picking one of the face down cards in the hope the one you select is a higher valued one than the face up one, and if you do select a higher valued card your initial base game winning payout will be doubled.

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