Online Roulette Game Play Control Options

You will not find an easier casino game to play online than the Roulette game variants that are on offer at every single one of our approved and showcased online casino sites, however there are several different variants on offer and as such you will be best off selecting one to play which is going to offer you the lowest house edge and therefore increase your overall winning chances.

The American Roulette game is a very poor valued variant to play due to there being two zeros in play on the wheel and no increase in the winning payouts when compared to lower house edge variants such as the European or French Roulette game, so if you are playing at an online or even a mobile casino site offering the French or European Roulette games those two games are much better to play that the higher house edge game of American Roulette, so keep that in mind.

As you may never have played Roulette before online but are itching to get stuck into playing it, then below you are going to find a complete overview and round up of all of the many different game play options and game play control buttons found on Roulette games. Should you be a novice Roulette player and want to play these types of table games online then keep on reading for once you understand what each game play control button does and operate you really can have plenty of fun and winning sessions playing Roulette online.

Chip Settings

The most important game play option you will find on any Roulette game is of course the chip value setting one, and this is where you need to decide what chip values you will be placing as you place your bets onto the betting layout.

The most commonly available minimum chip value setting attached to many online Roulette game variants is 1.00 however some online casinos now offer much lower stake Roulette games, so shop around and take a look through our casino game reviews as some casinos such as those powered by Playtech software will give you the option of playing some of their Roulette game variants for very low stake amounts.

The maximum stake amount you can place on each betting position on online Roulette games will also vary depending on the table limits attached to the game you are playing, often it is the lower paying betting positions such as the even money paying and 2 to 1 paying betting positions that allow you to place much higher stakes onto them than the straight up or split number betting positions.


Once you have placed your bets onto the betting layout and have played off one game if you wish to place the exact same wagers onto the next spin of the wheel you send into live play then simply click on the Repeat button and you previously placed bets and wagers will all automatically be place onto the betting layout.


If at any time you place one of more chips onto the betting layout before you have clicked onto the spin button and want to remove them then clicking on the Undo button will remove the last set of chips you placed from the betting layout.


Clacking on the Redo button will replace any removed chips that you have just removed from the betting layout.


By clicking on the Clear button before you click onto the Spin button all of the chips you have place onto any of the betting positions on the betting layout will instantly be removed.


Once you are happy that you have placed all of the bets you wish to place onto the betting layout then by clicking on the Spin button the wheel will start to spin and the ball will be sent spinning around the wheel, the ball will then obviously finally come to a stop and will land into one of the ball wells.

Be aware that you cannot place any more bets onto the betting layout once you have clicked onto the Spin button and you will not be able to remove any of your bets from the betting layout once you have clicked onto the Spin button, so before clicking it make sure you are 100% happy with all of the bets you have placed for as soon as the Spin button is clicked all bets you have placed will stand and will be locked into position for that spin of the wheel.

Be aware that if you choose to play Live Roulette online then you will not be given the option of sending the wheel spinning, instead the real life Croupier will determine when to send the ball into live play and at the moment in time that the Croupier announced no more bets, then you will not be able to place any more bets onto the betting layout nor will you be able to remove any bets you have placed.

You are usually up against a timer when you are playing Live Roulette so always ensure your bets and wagers have been placed before the timer reaches zero.

Bonus Bet

Be aware that when you are playing some of the newer online Roulette games you may be given the option of placing one or more bonus type bets and wagers onto the betting layout. If the game you are playing offers a progressive jackpot then in most cases that bonus bet option is obligatory and is automatically placed alongside all of your other bets and wagers.

However, some Roulette game variants offering bonus bets will allow you to place them optionally and as such you should study carefully what each bonus bet offers by way of bonus bets before placing them, as the house edge of those side bet options may be slightly larger and actually offer you poor value if you do choose to place them onto the Roulette betting layout.

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