Crown’s ‘high rollers’ targeted by Union in job cut feud

Crown feudJames Packer’s Crown Resorts has sacked a crew of 16 casino technicians. This work has been outsourced to a business where the wages and conditions will be reduced. As a result, Crowns have since faced assertive campaigning from several Unions. The Unions have also targeted Crown’s high rollers and corporate clients. Tensions have been boiling over in regards to who maintains the 2600 plus pokies machines at the flagship Melbourne casino.

An Orchestrated Campaign

On Tuesday, over 200 protesters gathered at the entrance of the Crown’s casino complex. Union leaders were vocal about their plans to have a hostile and highly public campaign aimed at exposing Crown’s “corporate greed” and leading to the reinstatement of the sacked staff. Unionists plan to approach Crown’s high roller gamblers and the major companies that use Crown’s function rooms.

Electrical Trades Union Victorian secretary Troy Gray released a statement saying “We know the high rollers. We will contact the high rollers and put them on notice. He went on to say that “If they hear this story, they will shake their heads in disgrace. “And we know that the big corporations that are booking the function rooms. We’ve got their names. Some of them are very reasonable companies.” He then went on to say that “ We will be contacting those companies as well. We will be telling them about the disgusting immoral behaviour. And we are going to challenge these people…if you endorse the actions of Crown Casino, then we are going to out [you] too.”

The Loyal Workers

“These 16 loyal workers who have helped make massive, massive profits for this company, all get sacked on Monday”. Mr Gray went on to say that this does not have to happen and that it was a “moral disgrace”. He further added that “We will take as long as it takes to get these workers back into their jobs on decent rates and fair union wages”.

Speakers at the rally have come forward and have urged union members across Australia to leave negative social media posts and to write damning reviews that will expose Crown for their wrongdoing. Crown is utilised by a large number of Melbourne’s high profile businesses and business groups. Crown is also used for premium entertainment events. Unions have created stickers that read ‘Frown: A World of Unemployment’. They have also distributed leaflets accusing both Mr Packer and Mr Kennett of “gaming the system”. Crown’s poker machine technicians were being paid $76,000 a year. Officials believe that the rates for Amtek’s staff will be a lot lower than that.

Mr Kennett has also come forward to respond to the Union’s anger. He said “No one under 50 knows who I am anymore, so they’re playing to a shrinking market”. He went on to say that he was “not sure whether Amtek’s staff would be paid less than the previous staff, but they would be paid their legal entitlements”. He said “I can assure the public our people will be paid and well looked after.”

As the tension boils over, we can expect to see more of the same over the coming weeks. The Unions vow never to stop fighting for the 16 workers. Although they cannot legally do anything about the job losses, they plan to cause a stir on social media and hold Crown’s and Mr Kennet accountable for their actions.

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