How Live Casino Games Differ from RNG Games

live-dealer-blackjackIf you have stumbled upon this article and are not 100% sure of how the Live Dealer Game playing environment works and operates, then please do additionally have a look through our Introduction to Live Casino Games as it will give you lots of additional information regarding this new gaming environment.

However, if you have a basic understand of how live casino games work and operate, let us now present to you the main way in which Live Online Casino Games differ completely from the software driven, random number games you may already have a solid understanding of.

Licensed Gaming Venue

When you are playing at a standard casino site it is the operators of the casino that have obtained a gaming license and their game servers have to be located in a secure location within the licensing authority’s jurisdiction.

When you are playing at a Live Casino site it is not only the operators who need a gaming license the venue in which those games are being played live from also needs to be fully licensed and all Dealers, Croupiers and other casino employees do need to have been fully trained and have a license to work in such an environment.

So it could be argued that the Live Casino environment is much more highly regulated that the standard online gaming environment, and there are a lot of licenses needed.

Controlled Environment

As there are several cameras located around the land based venue at which the Live Casino Games are being played, part of the licensing requirements will dictate the way in which the venue operates much adhere to a range of predetermined operating requirements.

The current game in play must at all times be visible by players sat at home via of course the live video link up, and a nonstop recording must be made of all gaming action. Also when a deck of cards is to be shuffled this should either be performed by the Dealer at the start of each game or by another casino employee and the shuffle must also be filmed and whilst any deck of cards is not in live player it must be visible to players wherever it happens to be.

Often you will find there are several shoes of cards which can be chosen from for each new round of gaming, and there is often another gaming table in the background of the game being used which is a dedicated shuffle table.

This additional table is of course in view to players and this is where another casino employee will fully shuffle each deck and store the cards until they are put into live play. You will also see the current Dealer performing a shuffle on the main gaming table for added fair play and openness.

The video recordings of each gaming session must be stored safely and securely as in the very unlikely event of a player experiencing any problems with a wager placed, the video footage can be independently reviewed to double check the result of each hand.

Differences to the Playing Cards

One aspect of playing any card based Live Casino Game online is that you will notice the actual cards are bigger than those you would usually find in a land based casino site.

The decks of cards have all been made slightly larger than is usual and this is simply to allow players sat at home, viewing the live video feed of each hand being dealt out to be able to clearly see which cards are in play on that gaming table.

These oversized cards may appear slightly odd at first, however you will soon get used to them and they as mentioned are oversized so you will never be in any doubt as to which cards you, your fellow players and the Dealer is holding.

More Stringent Bonus Play Rules

Should you be the type of online casino player who religiously hunts around for additional playing value, and prefers to take advantage of any or all bonuses offers that are available to you. Then you need to be aware that the rules and terms and conditions attached to Live Casino Games are much more stringent, and some would say tougher than those on offer to standard software driven casino game players.

There is a reason for this and that is the Live games are often the lowest house edge games on offer in a casino, and whilst large bonuses are always on offer to slot players the reason those slot bonuses are much more generous is that slot games have a much higher house edge and as such casinos can freely dish them out.

The Live games do come with lower house edges of usually less than one percent, so if you do come across a bonus being offered on these types of casino games it is suggested that you read through the terms and conditions to ensure you do not over bet, and are also aware of any increased play through requirements.

Failure to follow the terms and conditions along with any Live Casino Game specific bonus play rules may see you having any winnings accumulated with bonus play being voided! Much like winning would be voided if you took a standard casino bonus offer and played games not permitted to be played with a bonus or wagered for stake levels above those mentioned in the terms and condition of the bonus you claimed.

So always read through the rules and terms and conditions, and if you do not find them appealing simply do not accept the bonus and stick to playing with your own cash instead, as by deign you will be free to place wagers of any value you prefer playing for and can cash out any winnings at any time without having to first exceed any play through requirements.

Whilst bonuses can extend your gaming sessions and give you additional playing value, many bonuses tie up and lock up your bankroll and are not as generous as they may have first seemed once you take note of their unique set of rules.

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