Dollar Ball Slot Side Bet

dollar-ball-slotThere has been a unique type of side bet option attached to quite a number of Playtech slots for several years, be aware that is does not affect the payout percentage of the slot you are playing and is not one of its pay table listed payouts, but it is the type of side bet that could see you picking up a range of prizes one of which is a progressive type of jackpot.

If you have seen this side bet which is offered on several slots such as the Highway Kings slot and the A Night Out slot and have asked yourself just how does the Dollar Ball bet (which is what this side bet is called) work then this article is going to be of interest to you for we will enlighten you on how to place the bet along with telling you all of the ways you can win when you have placed such a bet.

We should first inform you that even though the base game that this Dollar Ball bet is attached to may not be a progressive slot, many Playtech casinos will look at that slot as a progressive game in regards to when you are using a casino bonus.

As such when you have a bonus in your casino account and the rules of that bonus stipulate that you cannot play progressive slots with it then the slots offering this side bet option are disallowed games, and by playing them with a bonus you will run the risk of having any winnings voided, so keep that in mind and always read through any casinos terms and conditions regarding the usage of any such bonus.

How to Place a Dollar Ball Bet

The way in which the Dollar Ball bet works is relatively simple to understand, it is a rolling lottery type game that plays alongside each spin of the slot it is attached too, and you are tasked with first having to pay a 1.00 bet to activate the bet then you need to pick five numbers.

The numbers which you may pick begin at number one and go right through to number forty nine. Your five numbers can be any permutations of numbers however five do have to be chosen before the Dollar Ball side bet will be put into play.

If you place this side bet option and manage to match one or more of your numbers to the five drawn out then a range of payouts will be awarded to you, the smallest payout is awarded when just one of your five numbers are drawn out of the Dollar Bet lottery machine, and this will see you picking up a payout of 1.00, not a huge payout by any stretch of the imagination but when you match one number at least you will not have lost anything.

If you manage to match two numbers of the forty nine drawn with any of your five chosen numbers then you are awarded a winning payout of 2.00 so you have therefore made a 1.00 profit, once again not a hue winning payout but doubling your stake money is never a bad thing.

Things start to get a little more exciting when you match three or more of your selected five numbers with any five of those drawn out of the Dollar Ball machine, for when you match any three from five numbers then you will pick up a winning payout of 25.00.

Alongside the location that you activate the Dollar Ball side bet you will see the current value of the jackpot scrolling along the top of the slot game you are playing, and whenever you match four of your numbers in any order, with five of those drawn out of the lottery machine then you will be credited with a winning payout which is worth 1% of the current progressive jackpot total.

Should you mange to match all five of your numbers with the five drawn out of the Dollar Ball machine then you will win 100% of the current progressive jackpot total. This payout is instantly awarded to you and credited to your casino account.

Dollar Ball Bet Jackpot

This jackpot can and does payout quite often, however as the way in which the numbers are drawn is completely random the jackpot can and very often does grow to some very large amounts, so if could be worth playing and pacing such a bet when playing any Playtech slot that gives you this side bet option.

Once the match 5 progressive jackpot has been won, the progressive jackpot then resets to a seed value of 10,000.00 and will slowly start to rise again as more and more players take the side bet option and play it.

In regards to whether it is worth you taking and placing such an additional side bet when playing any online sot game, then you need to understand that this bet will cost you 1.00 per game you, and as such if you are playing Playtech slots for low stakes and only have a small modest bankroll then it will often eat away at your bankroll quite quickly and ten consecutive spins with this bet enabled will cost you 10.00 so if you only have 20.00 to play with it may not be advisable for you to place this bet as you will not get many slot spins.

Remember what we said at the start of this article, often many Playtech powered casinos will classify slots offering the Dollar Ball side bet as progressive slots and will not permit you to play them with a bonus, and you really will run the risk of falling foul of their bonus game play rules by playing these slot, even without placing the Dollar Ball bet when you have a bonus in your account.

So please only ever consider playing such slots and placing this Dollar Ball side bet when you are playing with you own cash and have no bonus in your account, as by doing so if you hit the progressive jackpot you will be able to cash it out and withdraw those winnings without any fuss.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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