Donald Trump representatives move in on the Macau trademark

trumpHong Kong Reuters were recently granted approval to have additional trademarks from the Chinese jurisdiction of Macau. This company has been linked to the United States president Donald Trump. The additional trademarks include casino services, which is to develop the ‘Trump’ brand.

A slice of pie

Online documents from the Macau government are reported to include construction and development, real estate services, hotel property, food and beverage, as well as conference facilities. Despite the fact that Trump has handed over his business to a Trust, which his son is said to be overseeing, it is clear that Trump is still linked to the Trust financially.

Trump has been in the gambling industry for some time. He was once a commanding figure in Atlantic City. According to the New York times, his casinos accounted for nearly a third of gambling revenues in the early 1990s. However, by 2009 he had lost control and went through a series of bankruptcies.

The licenses of Macau’s six casino operators will begin to expire on 31st March, 2020. Macau hasn’t made it clear whether or not these operators will be allowed to continue operations beyond this point. Nor have they shed any light on new bidders being allowed to enter the market.

The latest trademarks that Trump is linked to really does speak volumes. Trump looks like he is still trying to grab a slice of the pie. Ben Lee is gaming analyst and released a statement that said “His children constantly scout the globe looking for new businesses and to expand the Trump brand. Given that this trademark application comes a few years before the concession renewal between 2020 and 2022, one has to consider the possibility that he may look at applying for a new concession.”

The Word on Wall Street

Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump had bid for one of three Macau licences. This was done along with other investors, which included the Macau billionaire Ng Lap-seng. Last month, Lap-seng was convicted of bribery and money laundering.

Glen McCartney is an associate professor in international integrated resort management at the university of Macau. He says that “A Trump partnership is a possibility, but to register trademarks is a common business practice. He went on to say that “It does not mean that it will necessarily be materialised.” He said it might simply be a “defensive measure”, so no one can use the logo or brand in Macau.

In 2012, the Macau government accepted Trump’s request to register three brands: “Donald Trump”; “Trump Tower”; and “Trump International Hotel and Tower”. However, according to experts, it’s too early to tell how supportive Beijing will be of a gaming project involving the current US president in Macau.

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