Double Exposure Blackjack for Real Money

double-exposure-blackjackOne of the more intriguing Blackjack games which you are going to come across when logged into any of our rated and approved Microgaming Casinos is the Double Exposure game, now this game is like no other Blackjack game due to the way in which the Dealer plays out his hands.

When playing all other Blackjack Game Variants you will only ever see one of the Dealers cards until you have made all of your betting and playing decisions and it is only at that point in the game will he then reveal the strength of his hand. However, when you are playing this variant the Dealer always deals out his cards facing upwards, so from the very second he deals out your and his initial cards you can see how strong or just how weak his hand is.

We do have to point out there is a price to be paid for seeing the Dealers hand, and all of the payouts and other game play rules which are attached to this game can be found below, along with a couple of playing hints and tips to help you improve your game.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

Should playing this Double Exposure Blackjack game appeal to you then there are four different versions of it available, the first two are Microgaming’s older version of these games one of which is a multi hand variant and one is a single hand version of the game.

However, as Microgaming have developed and enhanced their gaming platforms over the years they did bring out a range of graphically enhanced versions of their original games a few years ago and these are their range of Gold Series games, which have a fresh new appearance, easier to navigate controls and a set of new graphics.

You will find both a Gold Series version of their single hand and multi hand Double Exposure Blackjack games on offer, and as you have a choice of whether to play their classic or Gold Series versions we would suggest you opt for the latter as they are much better looking and playing games.

However, all of the variants use the same number of decks in the shoe and the payouts awarded for all hand combinations on each variant are the same, so it is of course up to you which one you opt to play.

Dealer and Player Rules

You will first have to decide on a stake at which to play this Double Exposure game for and do remember it is available as a free play game if you just wish to play it for fun. The minimum stake you can wager per hand is 1.00 and the maximum stake generally found on offer is 200.00 per hand. So when playing the multi hand game you can play up to five hands on which when playing all five hands for maximum stakes that will cost you a high rolling 1000.00.

All of the single and multi hand variants of this game use a shoe containing 8 full decks of playing cards, all of the cards are shuffled before any new game is started, which means card counters are unable to gain any form of advantage playing this game online.

When Playing Double Exposure Blackjack for real money the Dealer does of course deal two initial cards to himself as he deals you your hand and his hand will always be dealt face up, When his hand is valued at a soft 17 or any higher valued hand he is going to stand his hand automatically.

One of the most important game playing rules that you need to be aware of when playing this game is that when any of your hands ties with the Dealers hand then his hand is deemed to be the winning one, however the only exception to this rule is when you have been dealt out a winning Blackjack hand, and when you do if the Dealers hand is also a Blackjack hand then the players hand is deemed to be the winning hand.

Players can double down on any initial hand that is valued as a hard 9, 10 or 11 and the cost of doubling down is the amount you wagered on the base hand on which you intend to double down. Players can also double down after splitting a hand if they like and in total one single hand can be split no more than three times which does of course result in that player then playing off a total of four separate hands formed by splitting their original hand.

Aces when split can also be re-split if another Ace is dealt out to any split Ace but when you have split a pair of Aces only one card will be dealt out to each of them.

Payouts and Playing Tips

You are not going to be rewarded with the usual payout of 3 to 2 if you get dealt a Blackjack hand when playing real money Double Exposure Blackjack but do keep in mind that every one of those hands you are dealt out will guarantee that you beat the Dealers hand even if he has a Blackjack.

The odds you are paid out at for all winning hands including Blackjack is even money, you will of course not be offered the Insurance wager option, as you can clearly see whether the Dealer has Blackjack or not! The house edge on this game works out at 0.69% when played perfectly.

This Blackjack game calls for a different strategy to all other Blackjack games, and as such we strongly advise you to get hold of a Blackjack strategy card for this game, as you will be playing it in a completely different way based on the simple fact you can see the Dealers hand at all times.

One tip we can pass on to you is to always high any soft 13 to soft 17 valued hand you get dealt out to you as that is the perfect strategy for playing those particular hands.

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