Double or Nothing Live Slot Play

If you have some spare time then it may be worth you taking a look over some of the many videos that slot players have uploaded of themselves playing slot machines in land based casino sites. Whilst many casinos will not let you film in their venues, some casinos are quite liberal and flexible in regards to you filming your own slot play.

Just make sure that if you do decide to film in a land based casino you are at all times respecting the right to privacy of your fellow players.

By taking a look at the slot videos on sites such as YouTube you will find that many players will have their own unique ways of playing slots. However, one way which is proving to be very popular with players is something known as a Double or Nothing slot playing system.

This way of playing slots, which incidentally can be put into play on online and mobile slot games is very straight forward to understand, you simply aim to play one slot with the soul intention of doubling your initial bankroll.

One of the most commonly used starting bankrolls for a Double or Nothing slot game playing session is 100.00, and as such the player will be aiming to stop playing the very second their bankroll reaches or goes over 200.00 via a series of winning spins on the slot they have chosen to play.

However, you can choose any starting bankroll you like, so even if you have a limited bankroll you will still be able to try out this system, as long as you always keep in mind that you should equate each stake on each spin you play off to your initial starting bankroll.

Benefits of a Double or Nothing Slot System

As with any slot playing system you may be considering adopting and putting into play yourself, there are going to be some benefits of doing so, and with that in mind we shall now take a look at all of the benefits that you may start to achieve when playing slot games in this way.

Be aware below we shall also be letting you know a range of other aspects that you do need to be fully aware of in regards to using a Double or nothing slot playing system, such as the stakes you should be playing each spin for and your overall expectations of using such a slot playing system.

Stake Per Spin – You should always have a predetermined stake level in place before you start playing a Double or Nothing slot playing system. If you are happy to use this system with a starting bankroll of 100.00 then you should be aiming to play each spin for a stake level of between 2.00 and 3.00 per spin.

The reasons for selecting such a stake level is that you are going to have between 33 and 50 spins at the very least to play off when using this system.

As most slot games on average award their main bonus features around the 150 spins mark then you have a reasonable chance of triggering a bonus game when playing video slot which do indeed offer some form of feature round, which is often how you can achieve some large winning payouts.

Winning Goal – The aim of this system is simply to at the very least double your initial starting bankroll, and as such you should have the required will power to call it a day and stop playing the slot you have selected to play when you do indeed double your initial starting bankroll.

If you for example start with 100.00 and due to a large paying bonus game or a high valued spun in winning combination increase your bankroll by any amount over 200.00 then you should stop playing that slot as you have achieved your goal.

Do not be tempted to carry on playing if for example your bankroll suddenly increases to 250.00 for example with the aim of stopping playing when it decreases in value back down to 200.00, simply stop playing that slot and lock in that profit.

Bonus Play – One thing you will have to keep in mind in regards to using this system at any online casino site is that as you may have claimed bonus credits you may then be subjected to a maximum stake per spin as per the terms and conditions of those bonuses.

Plus you will always have to reach and often exceed the minimum play through requirements of any bonus funds you have claimed before you and cash out your winnings. As such this Double or Nothing slot playing system is not recommended to players who have any form of casino bonus in their account.

Risk of Busting Out – As with any slot playing system you are always going to be running the risk of busting out when playing this type of slot system. You will only ever stop playing once you have at least doubled your initial starting bankroll.

As such you are therefore going to have to play off all of your credits with that aim in mind, so always be prepared to lose your starting bankroll when you do choose to put into play a Double or Nothing slot playing system, and only gamble with money you are prepared to lose.

Selecting a Slot – The main aim of this system is of course to pick a loose slot game to play, however do make sure the slots you are playing have high payout percentages as you are more likely to see more winning combinations spinning in when playing a slot which does have a high payout percentage as opposed to a low one.

However, the beauty of this system is you could strike lucky in the limited amount of spins you will be playing off when utilizing it, and as such you should be prepared to play any slot game at the casino you are playing at, even those you may never usually be tempted to play.

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