€100K March to Riches Slot Tournament

the-finer-reels-of-life-slotThere is a brand new, huge paying online slot tournament currently being put together, and this is going to be a Microgaming networked slot tournament which will be available at any online casino utilizing both Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform and one which also has their slot tournaments available.

This tournament is going to be called the March to Riches Slot Tournament and as the name suggests it is going to be live in March 2014, and what is going to make this slot tournament appealing is the fact there is going to offer massive and guaranteed prize pool of some €100K.

In this article we are going to take a look at what makes taking part in any of the slot tournaments Microgaming offer that boast massive prize pools exciting as well as seeing if there are a few ways of taking part and entering this March to Riches slot tournament that will increase your chances of picking up for yourself a share of that massive prize pool.

March to Riches Freeroll Feeder Slot Tournaments

Any major slot tournament held on Microgaming’s tournament network is always going to have a set of freeroll feeder type of satellite tournaments attached to it and it is these Freerolls tournaments that are going to give you a chance of winning a direct entry into the tournament without having to pay an entry fee, and as such we would suggest you keep your eyes peeled at all of the Microgaming powered casinos you play at as each one of them will be holding their own feeder tournaments.

Should you find one or more casinos offering you the chance to win your entry into this March to Riches slot tournament then remember by entering them at the quieter times of the day or night you will be up against fewer entrants and will not have to suffer any type of lag which is often found when playing freeroll slot tournaments at busier times of the day.

Do not forget that Microgaming recently changed the rules in regards to you being able to register one tournament alias at each Microgaming powered casino, and as such by entering slot tournaments at different Microgaming powered sites using a unique tournament alias at each of them you will be able to enter any freeroll feeder tournament multi times by simply logging into each casino you are a member of and taking part in their respective Freerolls.

It will never pay for you to try and cheat the system however and as such make sure that you only have one slot tournament alias at each Microgaming casino and do not try and register multiple usernames and alias’s as the software has been designed to pick up and detect multi entries from one person and if you are found cheating you will of course have your entries voided.

Re-Buys and Add-Ons

There is one aspect of taking part in any high paying slot tournament and that is you are going to find attached to the tournament a set of rules and a tournament structure, and this March to Riches slot tournament is of course going to be structured in such a way that you are able to purchase both Add Ons and Re Buys to help increase your chances of winning.

An Add On will let you continue playing from the point where you ended your last entry into this slot tournament whilst when you take the Re-Buy option your original entry is cancelled out and you can then play it again from scratch but an additional fee needs to be paid to do so.

What experience has shown us is that some slot tournament players tend to do is to continuously purchase Add-Ons when they are taking part in any higher than average paying slot tournaments, and this is going to be the case on their March to Riches slot tournament, and as such you need to be aware that even if you do manage to score a high score and get placed high up on the tournaments leader board you may find yourself slipping down that board as players purchase Add Ons and increase their respective scores.

So if you do decide to give this slot tournament a try always keep in mind it may prove to be beneficial for you to buy the occasional Add On to increase any high score you may have achieved so that you can keep your position on the leader board and hopefully pick up one of the cash prizes that is on offer.

March to Riches Tournament Slot

Should you be wondering just which slot game Microgaming will be using as the base slot on this March to Riches slot tournament, then it may surprise you to learn it is their Finer Reels of Life slot. This has only just been added to their slot tournaments as a game, but thanks to its very unique playing structure and its unique design it does make it an ideal slot for this major slot tournament.

As you may already be aware the Fine Reels of Life slot comes with the Wild Celebration feature, and as this is a completely random bonus game which magically turns one to five of the reels into wild symbols, then anyone taking part in this slot tournament who is awarded this feature and sees all five reels turning wild is going to find themselves instantly placed near or at the top of the tournament leader board.

Also thanks to the way that you get to unlock the additional free spins bonus games the more you play this slot, then if you do decide to purchase additional Add Ons when taking part in this March to Riches slot tournament then you may find you get more ways of playing off your free spins bonus games as and when they trigger.

Why not give the Finer Reels of Life slot game a little play time right now and get to grips with the way it plays and pays then you will be in a much better position to play it optimally when this major Microgaming slot tournament begins.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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