Elvis Presley and Vegas

Had he not passed on so early in his short but amazing life, the undisputed king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley would have been celebrating his 72nd birthday on January 8, 2007. Could you imagine the man whose electrifying televised musical appearances and movie roles made him synonymous with youth, rebelliousness, and the passion of rock ‘n’ roll, as a retired grandpa?! Why, even when he was closer to his forties rather than his twenties he still set the stage on fire at any given night with enough energy and heart to suffice five current punk rock bands, more charm and flirtation than any leading soloist could hope for, and plain talent and charisma to make any performer green with envy. Following Elvis’s footsteps are just one of many reasons to go to Vegas.

Beyond a beloved entertainer and pop culture icon, Elvis contributed greatly to a true change in American society and would always be known as the man who crashed down barriers of race by taking gospel, country, blues, and rockabilly and fusing them with his blazing talent into a new musical genre that would take the world by storm.

On numerous interviews Elvis had expressed his love of live shows, being the favorite and most rewarding aspect of his career. No wonder then that when the king hit Vegas it was the perfect match: the ultimate entertainer with a never-ending vitality and hunger for the stage, with the city who’s there to please 24/7. His affair with Vegas began at 1964, in the film Viva Las Vegas, with an unforgettable theme song that became the unofficial anthem of the bright light city. Vegas made him feel welcome again in a series of legendary sold out concerts at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in the summer of 1969.

But there is more to this link between Elvis and Vegas than that. Elvis became a symbol of all that lives in the spirit of Las Vegas: feeling young, carefree and wild, looking for fun and good times, and feeling alive right through your core. This inspiration hovers over Vegas, and this spirit lives every time you play an Elvis tune, or better yet, dance to it.

As fans all over the world still mourn for the loss of one of the greatest performers we have known, the legend of Elvis lives on. He has reportedly sold over a billion records and still doing great; According to Forbes.com, Elvis has been the highest earning deceased celebrity for the last six years in a row. When you do that good you don’t need to ask lady luck to make the dice stay hot so you’ll shout 7 with every shot…

Let’s take a moment to honor a great musician who picked our heart strings tenderly, rocked our suede shoes, and shook us up to heartbreak hotel and back; it’s not now or never, it’s forever – Elvis rocks!

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