European Blackjack Side Bet Options

Blackjack-TableOne popular Blackjack game variant is the European Blackjack game, and as this game is played to the same base game rules in many European casinos, many player will opt to play it when they see it offered at an online casino and they are usually familiar with and have a full understanding of the way the game plays and pays.

Being such a well known and much loved game, Microgaming have used the European Blackjack game as the game on which they have brought out a range of additional sister games, and as such below we have an overview of the new range of European Blackjack game variant, which each allow players to place alongside their base game wagers a special additional bonus side bet wager.

As you are about to learn as soon as you have placed the additional side bet option, which being optional you are never under any obligation to place it, you will then get awarded a range of special payouts if certain things happen during that one hand you are playing, these include being dealt special hand combinations or even winning more than one hand on the trot.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack – The aim of placing the side bet option on Microgaming’s Perfect Pairs Blackjack game is for you to get dealt out, on your initial two cards any type of pair. If you place this side bet and are then dealt out any mixed pair of card you will receive a bonus payout of 7 to 1 of the side bet wagered amount.

The bonus payouts get larger in value if your two initial cards are a pair of cards sharing the same colour as the payout for such a hand is 15 to 1, and when an identical pair is dealt out to you such as 2 x 4’s both in the suit of Diamonds for example the bonus payout awarded to you is 30 to 1! Be aware the house edge attached to the bonus bet on the Perfect Pairs game is 7.77%.

High Streak Blackjack – Microgaming also offer another European Blackjack game on which you can place an additional side bet bonus wager, and this game is known as their High Streak Blackjack game. The aim of the bonus bet is for you to hopefully get two or more winning hands on the trot when playing this game for when you do a special bonus payout is awarded to you.

Getting two or more winning hands dealt out to you consecutively is going to happen quite frequently and as such this bonus bet may be of interest to you. By placing the side bet if you get two, three, four and then five winning hands on the trot you will receive a bonus payout worth x1, x2, x5 and x10 your bonus bet about respectively.

Much like the above named game the bonus bet has its own house edge attached to it and it works out at a house edge of 4.55% which is considerably lower than the above Blackjack game variant.

Hi Low 13 Blackjack – One game which gives you three different types of wagering opportunities that you can place alongside your initial base game bet is Microgaming’s Hi Low 13 Blackjack game. When playing this game you can place a wager on which you will be hoping that your initial two cards are going to be worth, when added together either below 13, above 13 or exactly 13 in value.

The bonus payouts are as follows. Place an under 13 wager and if successful you receive a winning payout of even money based on your bonus bet amount, the payout pods are the same when you place an over 13 wager and the value of your first two initial cards are indeed worth over 13 when added together. The exactly 13 wager returns a winning payout of 10 to 1 when placed and successful.

The house edge on each of these bets differs slightly with the “under 13” bets house edge being 6.65%, the over 13 bets house edge works out at 10.08% and the exactly 13 bets house edge works out at 7.99%.

Other Blackjack Game Variants with Bonus Payouts

If you like the idea of being awarded a set of bonus payouts which are larger in value than the standard even money and 3 to 2 winning payouts attached to most online and land based Blackjack games, and you are playing at a Microgaming software powered casino then there are a couple of games worth playing, which do not require you to place any type of bonus bet to get those bonus winning payouts.

With this in mind do have a look at Microgaming’s Spanish Blackjack game which is a unique variant which has had all of the ten cards removed from the deck and boast a range of bonus payouts which can be as high as 50 to 1.

Another Blackjack game variant worth playing to have the chance of being awarded several bonus winning payouts for which you are never required to place any type of side bet is the “Super Fun 21” Blackjack game.

Microgaming also have a progressive Blackjack game which may be of interest to you, this game is not available in all of the casinos using their gaming software, so you will have to do some hunting around to find a casino that has it available.

If you do come across a casino powered by Microgaming which has this progressive game on offer, which by the way is known as their Triple 7’s Blackjack game, then when playing it a side bet wager of 1.00 is required to set the base game playing, and in exchange for that additional side bet wager you could win one of six bonus payouts, the highest valued one being of course the progressive jackpot.

However the odds of you winning the progressive jackpot are enormous, and as such the house edge this game due to the obligatory side bet wager is quite large and can be very off-putting for players.

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