European Blackjack for Real Money

european-blackjackOne very popular Blackjack game variant that you are not going to have a problem locating online is the European Blackjack game. In fact if you choose to play at any of our listed and fully reviewed Microgaming Casinos you will find that there are several unique versions of this game which offer a range of bonus betting opportunities.

These Blackjack Game Variants include the Perfect pairs Blackjack game the Hi Low 13 Blackjack game and also a high playing High Streak Blackjack game that awards a range of bonus payouts when you get dealt two or more consecutive winning hands.

Below you will find an in-depth and very informative overview of playing the European Blackjack game, and listed further down this guide is a range of helpful playing tips that may just help you win when playing this game online.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

There are two single hand versions of European Blackjack available at Microgaming powered sites and also two versions of their multi hand variant. These two sets of games include both their original game and their graphically enhanced Gold Series games.

As you have a choice over which variant you can play we would recommend that you opt to play the Gold Series versions of these games as those offer enhanced graphics and have a set of very easy to use and navigate around control buttons and option settings.

Dealer and Player Rules

You will of course need to fully understand all of the player and Dealer rules attached to this particular game if you intend to play it online, so let us now give you a quick run through as to how the Dealer is going to play his hand along with all of the available betting decisions that will be coming your way should you to give this game some play time online.

The Dealer is dealing the cards out of a freshly shuffled two deck shoe when you play this game as the cards as shuffled before any new game begins then there is really no point in trying to count cards as it will not be possible due to the constant shuffling of the deck.

As soon as the Dealer has a hand worth 17 or higher in value then he is going to stand his hand. He will offer you Insurance when his hand could result in him holding a Blackjack hand, however do be aware that bet is an extremely poor valued one and is a bet you should never take when it is offered to you by the Dealer.

This game is not played as a hole card game and that means that when the Dealer is dealing out the cards to you and himself he will only deal one face up card initially to his hand, and then only once you have made your final betting or playing decision on your hand will he then proceed to deal out his remaining cards.

Any hard 9, 10 or 11 that you have been dealt out as your initial two cards will see you being given the option of taking a double down and by doing so you will have to pay for one further card to be dealt to your hand and will be charged for that extra card the same amount as you wagered on the base hand.

You cannot split a pair of unalike 10 valued cards but all other matching pairs of cards irrespective of their suit can be split but you can only split a pair once, and if you choose to split a pair of Aces you can have more than one card dealt out to each split Ace if you so desire.

Payouts and Playing Tips

The structure of the winning payouts will result, when you play this game optimally and perfectly, in you getting a house edge over the long term of some 0.42% that for reference is not the lowest house edge attached to one of Microgaming’s Blackjack games but when compared to some other software providers games it is still a very low and appealing one for most Blackjack players.

The winning payouts you will be awarded for a winning Blackjack hand is 3 to 2, all other winning player hands are paid out at odds of even money, the Insurance wager when placed and successful will see you being rewarded with a winning payout on that side bet of some 2 to 1.

To achieve anywhere near the expected house edge on this game you will need to play each and every hand dealt out to you perfectly, that is not as difficult as it may first appear for once you master playing this European Blackjack game you will soon know how to play each hand that gets dealt out to you optimally.

There are a few little tips for playing certain hands perfectly that we can pass on to you, the first is regarding all pairs of Aces that get dealt your way, those hands should always be split to form two new hands, and as such it is important that before you set a game into play you have enough in your casino account to cover any split hand that you may need to pay for, so make sure you do have enough in reserve to cover those betting decisions.

Another playing tip for playing European Blackjack covers all soft hands from 13 to 17, if your initial two cards are values from and including a soft 13 to a soft 17 in value then always hit those hands not matter what up facing card you can see the Dealer holding.

Finally if you get dealt out any pair of 8’s then hit those hands if the Dealer is showing either a ten valued playing card or any Ace, and if he has any other card showing then the optimal way for you to play a pair of 8’s is to split them into two new separate hands.

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