Everybody’s Jackpot Online Slot Machine Review

However, one of the world’s leading slot machine designers a company called Playtech, realise this annoying aspect of progressive slot play and this has led to them launch a brand new type of progressive slot which offers the very first community based jackpot.

This brand new structured progressive slot goes by the name of the Everybody’s Jackpot slot, and if you have experienced the annoyance of seeing another player walk off with a large progressive jackpot, which you, via your stakes and play time, have been feeding, then keep on reading for this slot is going to be of interest to you.

How Everybody’s Jackpot Works

How the Everybody’s Jackpot slot game works is by offering what is known as a mystery progressive jackpot, and whenever you play this slot game at any Playtech powered casino site in the real money mode, and ager at the very least a total of 50.00 during any slot session then if the jackpot is won within 24 hours of you playing it you will win a share of the jackpot.

You will find attached to this slot game on the side of the screen a special meter and it is here that you will see whether you have qualified to win a share of the six different levels of the progressive jackpot that you could win a share of if it is won.

You will qualify for a share of this progressive jackpot based on several factors one of which is just how much you have wagered on the slot in the last 24 hours. So if you have played the slot a lot then your qualifying amount and place on that meter will be higher than someone who has just wagered a lower amount on the slot in the last 24 hours.

The way in which the progressive jackpot is actually won is fairly unique, for it is not won and awarded by spinning in a set of matching jackpot symbols on any of this slot games reels, instead it is completely randomly triggered and awarded to anyone playing the slot for any stake level.

When the jackpot finally is randomly awarded then the lucky player who is awarded the jackpot then qualifies instantly for 70% of the current value of the progressive jackpot, and this is credited to their casino account in real time.

You may be wondering where the remaining 30% of that jackpot prize pool goes, well this is the most interesting aspect of this progressive slot for this 30% is then split into two equal amounts, and as such half of it is shared between all players who qualified for the jackpot and the other half gets shared between all players who played the slot and qualified by virtue of their staked amount in the last 24 hours.

This therefore means that even if you played the slot during the last 24 hours but stopped playing, you could still qualify for a share of the progressive jackpot prize pool, and if so and you have logged out of the casino, then the next time you log in you will find your share of the jackpot waiting for you for it is also credited instantly to your casino account.

You will not find any other online or land based slot game that offers you the chance of winning a fair share of another players progressive jackpot, and as such if you want to play a brand new slot and have the chance of winning, even when you have stopped playing then look no further than this slot.

You will of course be able to play the slot much like any other slot game and it does come with multiple paylines which you can set into live play and there is an additional free spins bonus round that can be triggered when you are playing it.

Be aware though that when you are playing out the free spins they do not count as a paid for spin of the reels and as such you cannot be randomly awarded the progressive jackpot as those free spins are playing out.

However if you are playing out a free spins bonus round on the Everybody’s Jackpot slot game and another player wins the progressive jackpot then you will, if you have qualified, get a share of their jackpot.

This game does come with the usual scatter and wild symbols to help you complete additional winning combinations on your activated paylines, however be aware that the wild symbols will only ever appear on the reels during the free spins bonus feature round and it is only attached to the middle reel.

If you are looking for a brand new slot to pay then we really can recommend you give this Everybody’s Jackpot slot game a try, however if you do decide to play it for any length of time, make sure that before ending your slot session playing it that you have at the very least qualified for a share of the jackpot pool.

Also do check the value of your casino account balance within 24 hours of you playing this slot and qualifying for a chance of getting a share of the jackpot for it may trigger when you are not online and by logging into your casino account at the site you played this slot game at you may find a large cash balance waiting for you.

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