Facebook Could Become The World’s Largest Online Casino

With Facebook’s revenue declining, they’re pulling a move right out of the government’s playbook – start allowing people to gamble real money.

You know the online gambling industry is booming when Facebook jumps into it. In the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Facebook allowing real money gambling apps on its network.

And although the first real money game is a Bingo app (and only available to UK residents), there is already talk of adding real money slots in the near future. Zynga plans to launch real money poker in early 2013.

Many believe this is the start of something big for Facebook and players.

HowtoGambleOnline.com had this to say about real money gambling on Facebook:

This move by Facebook is exciting news for online gambling, as it will aid in wider acceptance of a hobby that so many are passionate about. Just like U.S. states who are recognizing how profitable gambling can be, I predict more and more countries will jump on the online gambling bandwagon in order to get a piece of the highly lucrative revenue stream.

Just last year Facebook amended its advertising guidelines to enable online casino advertisements. The new ad regulations allow online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, lotteries and other companies related to online gambling to show ads to Facebook users.

So it’s obvious that Facebook is easing its way into the online gambling industry. The question remains; how far will it go?

Will Facebook become the world’s largest online casino? If so, in the near future you may have to worry more about friends sending you bankroll requests rather than cows in Farmville.

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