Are Live Dealer Casino Games Fair

live-dealer-blackjackAs part of our range of our articles that make up our Introduction to Live Casino Games playing guides, below we are going to take a look at how casino operators and online gaming licensing Regulatory Commissions and Authorities go to great lengths to ensure the Live gaming environment is 100% fair and a safe and secure place to gamble online.

You are always going to be wondering whether a gaming session you have just played is above board and beyond reproach should you have lost during that session and when an unexpected run of losing outcomes have come your way it is vitally important that you realise this was down to bad luck and not any skull duggery going on at the site at which you played.

Below are the many different ways that you can be safe in the knowledge that every single hand of cards or each spin on the live dealer Roulette wheel you gamble on is fair and honest. Have a look through this listing as you may be surprised at just how highly regulated the Live online gaming environment really is.

Licensed Dealers and Croupiers

When you gamble in a land based casino you will probably already know that each Dealer and Croupier you will find in those venues has been fully trained and will have been granted a gaming permit of their own to allow them to work in such a venue.

This requirement is always needed for all Dealers and Croupiers involved in the live online casino gaming environment, and as such the casino employees know exactly how each game is structured and operates and as such they will play each game in line with industry standards.

In View Card Shuffling

When the time has come for a shoe or deck of cards to be shuffled, this is going to be done on camera. You will always be able to see where each card is and any additional decks or shoes of cards that may be put into play are always and at all times going to be in view of the camera which you can keep track of on your computer screen.

In regards to games such as Roulette, the ball and wheel are again always going to have a camera on them, and at all times once the ball is about to be put into live play until the time as the ball has spun around the wheel and landed in one of the ball wells, the camera will stay fixed on it, and this allows you to see in no uncertain terms the game was fair and which number has been spun in.

Stored Gaming Logs and Video Footage

All Live Casinos are required to hold, on file, all of the video footage of each gaming session played. Not only can the video footage be reviewed and checked when needed but each player’s entire gaming history must be saved, allowing a player to request their gaming logs and be sent them at any time.

By storing the video footage in addition to the gaming logs and player betting history if any player queries any game played they can then be sent a copy of the video footage and can double check the results with their gaming logs.

Licensing Authorities and Regulators can also at any time request the video footage or gaming logs which they can then review if needed.

Game Testing and Auditing

Behind the scenes in each venue used for Live Casino gaming, you are going to find that games such as Roulette go through the unusual servicing and testing as are found in a land based casino.

The Roulette tables are regularly audited to ensure everything is as it should be and general servicing of the wheels also ensures there is no bias in regards to certain numbers spinning in more often than others due to the tables being somewhat unbalanced etc.

Many software driven online casinos have their entire gaming logs audited by independent third parties each month and this is also true for many Live Online Casinos, who have arranged for a similar type of audit which gives both the players and casino operators themselves peace of mind that the Live Casino Games are fair and true at all times.

Live Casino Game Rules

One final aspect of Live games offered at various online casinos that you need to be aware of well before you actually start to play these types of games is the rules attached to any and all games you are thinking of playing.

As games such as Roulette for example are fairly easy to understand and all operate with the same set of payouts attached to them irrespective of the variant you are playing, there can be some subtle and not so subtle differences in the way some live casino card games works and play.

You are likely to come across many different Blackjack game variants being played at different Live Casino sites and once you log into any casino offering Live Blackjack games you will always find the basic rules of the variant being offered printed on the Blackjack table.

Plus somewhere on the Live Casino screen you will find the help files attached to the variant of Blackjack you are playing, this will enlighten you on things such as whether Early or Later Surrender can be taken or what the game specific rules for Doubling Down and Splitting cards are.

You are best advised to always read through the rules attached to any Live Blackjack game before you start to play as the rules can and will vary depending which casino site you are playing Live casino games at.

Also do be prepared to shop around and compare the different Live Blackjack game rules and payouts, for the art to winning when playing card games such as Blackjack is not only playing each hand perfectly but also finding the games offering the very lowest house edge.

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