Online Casino FAQ

Is online casino gambling legal?
Laws vary greatly depending on your country and local jurisdiction. We list online casinos that accept players from various countries where online gambling laws are not specific or outdated. And we always encourage players to abide by the applicable laws in their jurisdiction.

How old must I be to play?
To play for real money at most online casinos you must be a minimum of 18 years of age. In some jurisdictions you might need to be older. You must abide by the applicable laws in your area. If you are not of legal age you can practice and participate in all games where real money is not involved.

How do I start playing?
To start playing at an online casino you can either download the casino’s software and register as a player. Or  if you’d rather not download anything, you can choose a casino that allows you to play directly in your browser. To play with real money for a chance to win prizes, enter the cashier, and make a deposit.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to play at online casinos?
Yes. You must be connected to the casino’s server in order to play.

What games do online casinos offer?
All online casinos offer the basics – blackjack, roulette, keno, video poker, classic 3 reel slots and multi-line video slots. Some casinos also have their own unique versions and variations of other popular casino games.

How can I deposit money in my casino account?
Most casinos accept Visa and MasterCard, as well as, additional secure e-wallets for deposits.  New methods are added regularly, and for the full list of the available options see Depositing Money at Online Casinos.

Does it cost money to play at online casinos?
No. All legitimate online casinos offer free downloads and the ability to practice casino games for free. Most deposit methods are free to use when you make a deposit.

You may incur bank fees when you withdraw winnings via bank wire. Also, most e-wallet services charge a small percentage of your withdrawal or a fee to move money back and forth between the casino and your bank.

Are my winnings subject to taxes?
It is the players’ responsibility to find out what the tax implications are in their jurisdiction. Every country has unique tax laws and it is up to the player to pay taxes your winnings as applicable.

What are the benefits of playing at online casinos for money?

Many players are not aware of this but when you play at home you actually have the perfect opportunity to perform better than you would in a public place. And we’re not talking just about the way you handle your game, but your total attitude and operation when in comes to managing your money.

Your money is safer in an online casino. How come? Well, the online casino provides a general atmosphere plus specific features that let you play more smartly. Better yet, when it comes to your money, you’re in control at every step of the way.

Let’s start with the way you play – even the most fail-safe system will come crashing down when facing too much distraction or boredom. Sometimes just having the wrong kind of background music can set you off your course; in the same way, having to wait your turn around the table can test your patience in a way that’s not in your favor. These problems don’t exist when you play online, since you set your own environment and pace.

Another valuable feature online casinos offer is the ability to play free practice game where you can learn the game and practice your system inside and out before moving on to real money games. While you play, the rhythm of the game is all up to you – not the dealer or other players – so you can stop between spins or deals to take notes, think through your moves, and make your decisions calmly.

Pacing yourself works not only for strategy, but also for handling your money. Since you say when a new round starts, it’s much easier to take a break that helps you decide if you want to keep on playing. These pauses are important when you want to be in control over your bankroll.

Easier bankroll management is also a huge player benefit the online casino has over the offline places. The idea is that your account balance is right there in front of you, updating live, at any given moment. By being aware to this feature you make sure that your betting unit is suitable for the strategy you’re playing and the bankroll you hold.

For returning players who like to spread their play over the week, many online casinos provide a great feature that can help you manage your money. Some casinos offer a Responsible Gaming Feature, where you can set in advance a limit to your weekly credit card deposits. In addition, processing procedures and regulations give you enough time to decide how much money you really want, and you can never bet money you don’t have.

The bottom line of gambling is knowing when to stop in order to keep what you won. This is much easier to do when all you need is to close a window and shut down your computer than walking out of a brick and mortar casino. The online casino helps you accomplish this mission and get what you want. Want to stay on top of the game? Simply keep an eye on the balance bar at all times to keep track of your progress, and quit when you’re ahead.

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