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pocket-rockets-blackjackYou are not going to find as many FOBT Blackjack games on offer as you would when opting to play at an online casino site and it is worth remembering that when playing Blackjack on any FOBT you will never be able to win, on any single hand played, more than £500.

There are two different types of FOBT Blackjack games currently available and to enlighten you on what each of them have to offer below is an overview on each of these two Blackjack game variants.

Standard FOBT Blackjack Game

Let us start be introducing you to the original and standard Blackjack game variant that you will find readily available on all FOBT machines. Be advised that each game is completely random and once you set a new hand into play a random number is requested which will then be used to determine the outcome of the game.

This ensures that the game is fair and 100% random and will, over the long term operation of the game, play and pay to the expected house edge and payout percentage.

Stake Levels

You are not permitted to place a single wager when playing any FOBT Blackjack game including both this standard version and the Pocket Rockets Blackjack game reviewed below for a stake amount that exceeds £100.

Maximum Payout

The maximum amount that a player can win on any one single hand of Blackjack is £500. The FOBT will never permit any wager to be placed that could exceed this maximum payout amount.

Dealer Play Rules

The Dealer is obliged to stand on any hand he deals to himself that is worth a soft 18 or a hard 17. For reference a soft hand is one that contains an Ace. So for example if the Dealers’ initial two cards hand contains an Ace and a Seven then as that hand is a soft 18 he must stand it. A Hard hand is one that contains any other two cards both of which is not an Ace and as such for example a King and a Seven will result in the Dealer standing his hand as it is therefore a Hard 17 hand.

Winning Payouts

Whenever a player gets dealt any Ace and Ten valued card as his base hand then that hand will payout at odds of 3 to 2 as long as it is unmatched by the Dealers initial two card hand. The player is paid out at odds of even money should any other hand they have been dealt be a winning one.

The aim of the game of Blackjack is straight forward enough and a player must try and end the game with a higher valued hand than the Dealers hand but neither the players nor the Dealers hand is allowed to be worth more than 21 in value.

Insurance Side Bet Option

The Dealer will offer all players a completely optional Insurance type of wager when his hand could be a Blackjack hand, which is one containing an Ace and any ten valued hand. When offered and a player wishes to take this side bet option the player is wagering that the Dealer will indeed end up with a Blackjack hand.

The stake you need to place this Insurance side bet wager on all FOBT machines is exactly half the amount you wager on the base hand, so if you wager £10 on your starting hand then the Insurance wager will cost you £5.

A winning Insurance side bet wager will payout at odds of 2 to 1 so the player will, if the Dealer has a Blackjack hand, recoup his initial staked amount and get back his Insurance stake money, meaning he will not have lost anything on that hand. If of course the Dealer does not have a Blackjack hand then the player instantly loses his Insurance side bet wager.

New rules are about to come into force regarding playing FOBT’s and as such whenever you start a new playing session you will be asked to set some session timers, and as such you can set a maximum wager amount for that playing session or an amount of time that you wish to play in that one session.

As soon as you have reached your preset number of wagers or the amount of time you set as your session an onscreen message will alert you to the fact that you have reached that limit.

Pocket Rockets Blackjack Game

The newly launched Pocket Rockets Blackjack game may be an interesting Blackjack game variant to play if you are looking for an added bonus payout which could be awarded irrespective of whether your base game hand of Blackjack is a winning or losing one.

To play this FOBT Blackjack game you first need to place your base game bet then alongside this on the screen you will find the bonus betting box and that is where you need to tap to place your bonus bet chips, as this is a totally optional side bet you are not forced to place it but if you do it has to be placed before you start playing off the base hand on the base game.

Once this Pocket Rockets bonus bet has been placed you will see located on the top screen of the FOBT a list of special hand combinations and if you first two cards that are dealt out to you then you will be awarded those bonus payouts, even if you then lose your base hand.

You are still playing the base game and as such the standard Blackjack game play rules and payouts as described on the above standard FOBT Blackjack game come into force. The maximum payout you can win on any one single game of Pocket Rockets Blackjack is £500 and that includes the base game payout and any additional bonus bet payout, however the FOBT will not let you place a wager on any single game that would exceed this maximum payout.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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