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Everybody has played a casual game at least once in their lives. Whether you knew it or not, you were one of the two hundred million people each month playing casual games on the internet and taking part in a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. This is because casual games refers to everything from Tetris to online slots, and anyone with a computer or internet has unlimited access to a free market of addictive and seductive casual games at any time of the day.

The experts define casual games as speedy, simplified online games that fit into either the puzzle, arcade, word or card game categories. Yet you and 2 million other people know that this means anything that you can fit into a lunch break, in between classes or on the way to work!

Yes, casual games are more than anything fast, and can often be beaten completely within several levels of game play. Presented in small segments, you can usually squeeze a quick burst of casual game fun into any five minute break, whether it be on your computer, game-boy or cell phone.

Casual games are also extremely basic, meaning you don’t have to go through the hassle of learning how to play and what keys to press. It’s all very straightforward, and you’ll probably find yourself able to jump from one game to the next and start playing right away! So you can spit your tongue out to all those computer geniuses who studied books to get where they are, and become an immediate pro with no required skills at all!

And speaking of not having to bring anything to the table in order to play – that also means money. They say that the best things in life are for free, and they weren’t lying. Casual games, and I mean millions of them, are absolutely free, and often don’t even require downloading (they are flash based). Sometimes you can purchase more enhanced versions of the game from the developers, yet with just as enjoyable free games on the net, you can save your money for another holiday!

The first casual games to hit the scene, among them Tetris, Pinball, FreeCell and Bejeweled, are still some of the most popular casual games to be played each month online. Yet today there are so many different kinds of games that practically everything has been simplified for the casual games audience. Online slots are one of the most popular kinds these days, and are available in an endless amount of variations, from classic slots to video poker and more. Despite being fast-paced, they are actually very relaxing. Other major hits today include Zuma, Dinner Dash, Text Twist, Slingo and Cake Mania.

With no skills and no money on you, you are more than prepared to get in on the fun of online casual games. But when you’re in the mood for winning real money at a casino, playing slots for money is the way to go.

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