Free Slots

No pressure, no downloading, simply just spinning, winning, and entertaining. Free slot machines are a remarkable way to relax; let the good times roll or spin!

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you are always able to just take a break and clear your mind while playing some free slots.

Free slot is a term used to describe the demo mode or FreePlay mode of an online slot game. Slot providers offer free play on the majority of their slot games.

Free Slots allow players to test out the slot games before wagering any real money. Also, many players just use the slots for pure entertainment reasons.

However this may seem, there are a lot of advantages to free online slot games. Keep reading below as we dive into the world of free slot games in America.

This article is an in-depth look into free slot games that will cover everything from playing free slots to the history of free slot games and everything in between.

What are Free Slots?

Free slot is a term used to describe the demo mode or FreePlay mode of an online slot game. Slot providers offer free play on the majority of their slot games.

This allows players to test out the slot games before wagering any real money. Also, many players use the slots for pure entertainment reasons.

In America, free slots are widely available online through thousands of different platforms. Playing free slots is legal in every state throughout the nation. You can play free slots at Hard Rock Social Casino, Gambinoslot, MyJackpot and


The legality of Free Slots in the United States

In the United States, there are no laws against free online slots. There isn’t one state in the nation that has laws prohibiting citizens from participating in online free slots.

As long as players are playing merely for entertainment purposes and there is no exchange of money involved, it is perfectly legal anywhere in the United States. Just be mindful of a website that asks you for any deposits or personal information to play for free. It more than likely is going to be on an illegal website.

Status of free online slots in the following states:

New Jersey: In this state, online gambling is entirely legal through state-licensed establishments. Therefore playing free slots online is legal.
Pennsylvania: This state has recently made online gambling legal for its residents, And playing free online slots is legal.
West Virginia: West Virginia has made it legal for its residents to gamble online with state-licensed casinos, so playing free online slots is legal.
Michigan: The most recent state to come on board and pass laws that legalize online gambling. As a result, playing free online sites is legal.

Free slots vs. real money slots

There is only one difference between playing free slots and real money slots. You guessed it; it’s the money.

Free slots are played free for entertainment purposes only, while real money slots are played for entertainment purposes and hopes of cashing in on big jackpots.

Free Slots

Allows players to try out games before wagering any money to see if it is a good fit for them.

No registration or download is required while playing free slots. Since no money is being exchanged, there is no reason for the casino to ask for personal information. If they are, exit out of that site immediately!

Free slots are just a harmless way to get the endorphins flowing to make us feel better. We can all use a slight pick-up throughout the day, allowing us to play without risking any money.

No pressure. Just click and play. Have fun without worrying about losing or winning any money. It truly is a stress-free game for all ages.

Money Slots

Players have to register through their online casinos and enter their personal information into a database to deposit and receive money.

Money slots are not legal in all states; therefore, most of the country is unable to enjoy this legally.

Real money slots allow players to hit big jackpots and possibly take home a good amount of money.

Best Real Money Slot Casinos

Why Play Free Slots?

The most significant advantage of playing free slots is the opportunity to try a game out before you have to invest any money into it. Nobody likes depositing money into a game just to find out they don’t enjoy playing.

Another reason is it allows players to familiarize themselves with games before risking any money. This way, they can fully understand and comprehend how the game works.

Finally, it is a great way to kill some time, and you can literally play free slots anywhere. Free slots are just a game that is extremely fun and can transport us to another place at least for a few moments in time.

The majority of these games offer some pretty impressive graphics, bright colors, and music that stimulate the endorphins, putting us into good moods.

How to Choose Free Slots

When choosing the suitable free online slot game for you, it really boils down to a few things.

• What type of slot would you like to play? This comes down to personal preference.

• What type of themes do you enjoy? Whatever you are into, there is a very high chance that there is a slot game modeled after that theme.

• Mobile Capability. Being able to enjoy your favorite slots on your phone or tablet is a must.

• Free spins and bonuses. Identifying a game that offers free spins and bonus rounds will keep the excitement going and allow you to keep playing your favorite game for longer.

• Try out some of the more popular games in the industry. Like Cleopatra, Wheel of Fortune, Wizard of Oz, triple-double, double diamond, and quick hit.

• The number of win lines. The more win lines the game offers, the more ways you have to win, which means increasing your coin bank and playing for longer.

Since the games are free, you can try as many games as you want until you find the right one. Not all slots are created equal. Suppose you want the best experience while playing the slots.

Then pay attention to the makers of the game; when it comes to the latest Innovations among leading software providers, these are some of the more prominent names:

• Microgaming
• Nucleus
• NetEnt
• Playtech
• BetSoft

These are just a few of the companies that make incredible free slots online and paid slots as well. When choosing a free online slot game, it really just comes down to your personal preference, what kind of games you like and what type of things you’re into doing.

Choose a game that will best suit your personality and help to transport you to another place while you’re being entertained. Whatever game makes you happy and enjoy the moment.

How to Play Free Slots

Playing online slots is one of the simplest forms of entertainment you will encounter while playing games on the internet. Although simple, they are pretty fun and entertaining, thanks in part to the fantastic graphics and killer soundtracks.

It’s almost hard not to get lost in the theme that you have selected. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to play free online slots.

• Find the game of your choice. Click your way into the magical world of whatever theme slot you have chosen.

• Select how much you want to fictionally wager per spin. The most common slot machines will have you select a coin amount and Bet Level. The standard coin amount is usually $0.02 up to $1. Bet Level is usually 1-5. Additionally, Some will have the choice of betting on the win lines as well. The combination of those two or three choices will calculate how much you will bet per spin.

• Next, you can click the spin button and be responsible for each and every spin, or players can select auto-spin. That is when the computer just keeps spinning until a predetermined amount of money has been won or lost. I will say, though, when playing for free, the entertainment factor comes with each individual spin.

• After you have selected the spin option, the reels will begin spinning, and soon symbols will appear.

• All slots are created differently, so to understand how the game is operating, you can click the information button. This will show you pay tables and how much each individual symbol is worth and tell you how others work.

• If you were fortunate enough to win, then the game will calculate your winnings and display them in the box entitled winnings.

• Then the fictitious funds are transferred into your credit bank.

• Then you simply repeat the process till you run out of credits or you decide to quit playing.

Slot machine strategy

Even though slot games are entirely random, you should follow a few strategies while playing the slots.

• Figure out what your goal is when it comes to playing the slots. Are you playing for pier entertainment purposes, or are you playing to win some cash?

• Before playing, figure out what your budget is

• Know your numbers. Have a predetermined number set. Once you win a certain amount of money, quit! Once you lose a certain amount of money, quit!

• Take advantage of any benefits that are offered

• Play simple games

• Understand the rules of the game you have chosen and choose a slot with a high percentage return to the player or PRT.

• Only play slots with the best odds.

• Start small to win big.

• Small jackpots pay more frequently than large jackpots.

• Take your time and have fun while playing. Enjoy yourself while you are playing the slots.

• Know when to quit. Always walk away when you have lost all you can lose. The same goes for when you hit your win number; walk away.

• Progressive jackpots. See if you can figure out when a progressive jackpot typically pays out. Start betting when it gets close to that number. However, this would take lots of knowledge of math and science to be able to predict.

Remember, winning is merely a chance when it comes to the slots, but follow these steps, and you can minimize your losses. The less money you lose, the more you can play. The more you play, the better chance you have of winning big.

Types of Free Slots

Classic slots: Look like the traditional slots that are found in brick-and-mortar casinos. Slots all have three reels and one pay line.

Multiway Slot: These are slots that don’t use traditional pay lines. Instead, you win by matching symbols in clusters or other combinations on the reel — these types of slots offer thousands of ways to win.

Video slots: These are similar to the classic slots with one significant difference. Video slots will have five reels or more and will offer multiple pay lines. These are the most common slots that you find in online casinos today.

Video slots are the most widely used game in casinos online and brick-and-mortar until 3D slots come around. However, video slots are still a popular choice amongst slot players.

3D Slots: These are slot games with the highest quality of 3D graphics paired with some incredible soundtracks, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for players to get lost while playing.

When it comes to 3D slots, you do not need any special glasses or software. It simply means that the graphics appear to be in 3D on your screen. All 3D slots are video slots, but not all video slots are 3D slots.

Mobile slots: These are slot games that are compatible with your cell phone or tablet, either on the Android or Apple platforms. Mobile slots can be any of the slots listed above. It’s just that they have the capability to be played on your cell phone.

Other than that, there is no difference between mobile slots in the slots listed above.

Poker slots or pokies: This is a slot machine where you can play poker instead of the traditional real and pay line games. Can enjoy different variances of Poker like Texas Hold ’em and five-card stud.

Progressive Jackpot Slots: This is a particular kind of slot machine where a portion of every wager goes towards a jackpot. This means that Progressive jackpot slot payouts are usually incredibly high, although quite hard to win.

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Historical perspective online free slots

In the United States, free slot machines are enjoyed by millions every day. You probably never thought about the historical background of having these games that keep us entertained. The first online slots were introduced to Americans in 1996 at the dawn of the internet.

Since then, technology and the internet have grown online free slot machines. I benefited from these advancements. Going from the original video slots into 3D video slots and now even into mobile slots is definitely an evolving market.

In 1996, the original free online slot machine known as “Reel ‘Em” was introduced. This five-reel and pay line took the internet’s gaming sense over with force.

Some years later, at the turn of the century, software firms like Microgaming and Playtech Sarah introduced the world to the incredible graphics and soundtracks of 3D slots. These games created multiple ways to win with a free spins bonus that just kept the users engaged.

Fast forward another decade or so, and the world was introduced to the mobile free online slot machine, which gave Americans the ability to entertain themselves with one of the highest-rated casino games in history.

I don’t think the technology is going to stop there. Who knows, maybe we’ll see virtual reality slot machines in the next few years or so. Certainly, Americans love their slot machines, so it doesn’t seem likely they wouldn’t keep evolving with the technology.