Fruit Machine Base Game Bonus Features

fruit-machineThere will come a time when you are logged into some online casinos when you come across a range of slot games called Fruit Machines, or AWP’s (Amusement with Prizes), these particular slots are based on a range of gaming machines most commonly found in the UK.

What makes these games highly playable for slot players is that they offer very regularly awarded base game bonus features that offer a much more entertaining type of playing session.

However stumbling on a Fruit Machine and then playing it for the first time can be something of a strange experience when those base game features start to be awarded to you, and as such we have compiled the following base game bonus features guide, which will enlighten you on just what each of the most commonly awarded bonus feature are, how they work, and how you should play them.

Nudge Features Explained

One of the base game bonus features that are awarded to players playing Fruit Machines very regularly are Nudges, and below we will give you a complete run through of how these types of bonus features work and what you need to do when they trigger and are awarded to you.

Nudge Now

The Nudge buttons which are located under each reel will flash when you are awarded the Nudge feature and somewhere on the Fruit Machines screen you will find displayed just how many nudges you have been awarded. You can then click on each button and the corresponding reel above will move down one position at a time, the aim of course being for you to complete a winning combination by nudging the right reels in the correct order.

Nudge Bank Held

If you have any Nudges left over or do not use them then when you click on the Spin button to set the next game into play if the Nudge Bank Held light illuminates on the Fruit Machines screen then any unused Nudges will be awarded to you at the end of the next spin of the reels you make.

Nudge Repeat

If you are for example awarded three nudges and then use them but fail to nudge into position a winning combination on the win line you may be awarded the Nudge Repeat feature, and if so you will then instantly be awarded with a further three nudges in the hope those additional extra nudges will help you nudge into place a winning combination.

Nudge Gamble

You can try and increase the number of nudges you have by one or risk losing one nudge if you are offered and then take the Nudge Gamble feature, when offered the Nudge Gamble light will illuminate and if for example you have been awarded two nudges then the one nudge and three nudges lights will flash rapidly and by clicking the Stop button you will then find out if you have won an extra nudge or have lost one nudge.

Nudge Extra Interest

From time to time the Nudge Extra Interest feature will be awarded to you, if you have had your nudges held over to the next game via the Nudge Bank Held feature mentioned above should the Nudge Extra Interest light illuminate then you will be awarded additional nudges in the hope that they assist you in forming a winning combination on the win line.

Hold Feature Explained

You will get awarded the Hold Feature on a Fruit Machine almost as regularly as clockwork! However you will of course first need a full understanding of how to use them if you have never played a Fruit Machine before, and below is a complete guide to how Hold features work and how to utilize them.

Hold Feature

The Hold feature is one of the easiest Fruit Machine base game bonus features to understand and it is also the most regularly awarded. Should the three Hold buttons located under the reels light before you have click on the Spin button to set the reels into play then you are able to click on any or all of them to lock that reel into position for the next spin.

The aim of the Hold feature is to hopefully allow you to use your skill and judgement to hold the best reel symbols into place and then hope to see the matching reel symbols spin in alongside those you held to see you being awarded the corresponding winning payout on the Fruit Machines paytable.

Be aware it is often advantageous for you to hold into place the reel symbols that have number supper imposed on them as by doing so you will then move up the Number Trail should of course that game have one attached to it.

Hold After Nudge

You may get awarded the Hold bonus feature after you have been awarded the Nudge feature, and as such you should keep that in mind when deciding which reel symbols to nudge for by selecting the best ones to nudge onto the win line you could increase your chance of getting a winning combination should the Hold feature then be offered to you on the Fruit Machine you are playing.

Nudge Guaranteed Win

From time to time a Fruit Machine may give you a Hold feature on which you are going to be guaranteed of spinning in the remaining reel symbols required to form a winning combination on the win line.

This is commonly known as a Hidden Feature for you need to be aware that you have indeed been offered a guaranteed win on the next spin you play, and this is done by the Fruit Machine alerting you of this Hidden Feature via the display box on which messages are flashed across it as you are playing the game.

If you are awarded a Hold then always check that message box, for if you have two matching Cherry symbols for example on the win line and the display box says Hold the Cherries, then by holding the two Cherry symbols the remaining one will be spun in on the reel you do not hold.

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