Funny Poker Spoofs

TV poker shows make a great spoof material thanks to the bombastic theme music accompanied by dramatic narration and commentary. Home games also inspire some very funny comedy as you can see here.

A Crazy Poker Tell
An hysterical sketch by internet based comedy show OH! The Humanity (find them at
A buddy invites you over for the first time to poker night, and even lets you in on everybody’s poker tells, except for one guy’s not so subtle one..

New York Poker Spoof
Funny impressions that parody three of American cinema’s most iconic male figures, created by Danny Dugdale.
If New York Poker hosted Stallone’s Rocky Balboa, Pacino’s Scarface, and Robert DeNiro (in a medley of his famous characters, and a guest appearance by Joe Pesci..) who would be the last man standing?

Celebrity Poker Showdown Spoof
When Morgan Freeman, Rosie O’Donnell, and Screech Powers hit the Bravo series Celebrity Poker Showdown, the game is not going to run as planned..

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