Gambling Sensibly and Staying in Control

controlOne aspect of gaming, whether online or in a land based venue, that every player is fully aware of is that it is often far too easy to overspend, however with many online casino licensing jurisdictions now imposing new rules on their licensees, players are able to put into place several different ways which will make it impossible for them to overspend when gambling online.

In today’s article we have put together some ways that any sensible and level headed online casino game player should put into place to ensure if that day ever arrives when temptation proves too difficult to resist, they are never going to gamble away too much money online.

Setting Gambling and Spending Limits

The only way that you can only ever guarantee that you are not going to overspend when gambling online is by putting into place a robust and solid gambling strategy along with lots of limits in regards to how much you are going to wager and how long you will gamble online for, and below are some of the ways that you can do this.

Session Playing Limits

Many casino sites allow you to preset an amount of time at which you can play at their respective sites, you can choose any period from their available options and once you have reach that amount of play time either the software will log you out of the game or an onscreen message will alert you to the fact you have reach your preset amount of play time.

Depositing Limits

Probably the most sensible way to ensure that when you are gambling online you do not over spend is to make sure you set the maximum amount of cash you can deposit into any casino per day, week or month in advance. By putting in some sensible maximum spending limits then once you have reached them you will not be able to deposit anything further until the time period has expired.

If you think you may be tempted to try and use another depositing option other than the one you usually utilize then ask the casino site to remove the other available depositing options from your account and only make available in the baking interface the one you prefer to use.

By doing this then if you have reached your maximum deposit limit on your preferred banking option you will never be tempted to use another one to fund that casino account.

Depositing Methods

Try and set up an online web wallet type of account whereby you keep your gambling budget separate from all of your bank accounts and other accounts, for having a standalone account via one of the many available web wallets then you will never be tempted to dip into your savings account or bank accounts holding your day to day living expenses.

Much like when using an online casinos banking interface most web wallets will let you put into place some form of maximum spending limit over a set period of time, and when these are offered always choose to put into place some sensible low maximum spending limits.

Free Play Sessions

You can of course opt to play for free instead of playing for real money, however as there are usually no financial rewards for doing so many casino players opt never to play via the free play options.

However, de remember that free to enter slot tournaments are on offer at many online casino sites and as there is a cash reward available if you get a high up placing on the tournament leader board it may be worth giving some of these tournaments a try when you have no bankroll available to play with.

Flushing Withdrawals

If you have had a winning session playing at an online casino then it is all too easy to withdrawal your winnings, and whilst they sit in the pending stage you get tempted to reverse the withdrawal and carry on playing, more times than not you will end up losing the entire amount of cash you originally withdrew.

If you want to completely remove any pending withdrawal from temptations way, then play at casino sites who can manually perform something known as a flush withdrawal, to do this you need to contact the casino support staff and ask for your withdrawal to be flushed, it will then be removed from its current pending stage and with be sent off to the casinos cashiers team to be queued for payment.

Self Exclusion

If all else fails and you appear to have lost control of your gambling activities online or simply wish to give yourself a break from gambling at an online casino site, then you can request to be self excluded. This will often entail you contacting the casino site, explaining that you wish to be self excluded for a period of time and the casino will then lock your casino account and as such you will not be able to continue playing at that site until the self exclusion period has expired.

Each online casino will have their own separate self exclusion policies but every single casino will have one, the length of the exclusion period can vary depending on which casino you are playing at, however all casinos should self exclude a player instantly once a self exclusion has been requested.

Should you ever be worried that your online gambling activities may be getting out of hand then there are many organisations who can offer free and confidential advice and support and remember most well run casinos would rather have 1.00 off a hundred people than 100.00 off just one person.

Gambling Site Blocking Software

If you do intend to have a period when you do not wish to gamble online in any way, shape or form there are several pieces of software which you can load onto your computers and laptops that will block you being able to access any kind of gambling website.

These pieces of software can and will prove very helpful as once installed on your computer or laptop they will not permit you to open up any gambling software and will not permit you to view any gambling orientated websites online, and these gambling site blocking software’s may be another option worth thinking about.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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