Game of Thrones Slot Machine Coming Soon

game-of-thronesMicrogaming have been teasing the huge number of online slot players who regularly play at online casinos utilizing their gaming platforms, and they have just announced they have won the rights to produce a Game of Thrones slot machine which is based and completely themed around the television show of the same name.

So if you have been glued to your television set recently following this Fantasy Drama television show and you are interested in learning more about what the Game of Thrones slot will offer you, then sadly we have to report Microgaming have not as yet released any details of this soon to go live real money slot machine.

However, we have put together the following article and in it we have listed some predictions on what we hope and would like to see this slot game offering by way of reel symbols, features and bonus games.

Predictions for Character Based Reel Symbols

As Microgaming are currently keeping the finer details of their soon to be released Game of Thrones slot machine a secret, we have no ideas on which characters from the show they will be using as reel symbols, however we do know Microgaming love nothing more than making many of the cast members of any television show they theme a slot around into reel symbols.

With this in mind we shall now take a run through of the more likely member of the cast that may be appearing as reel symbols on Microgaming’s Game of the Thrones slot. However, as the television show has a cast of characters numbering over 250 we shall stick to the better known and more famous characters.

Lord Eddard Stark

More commonly referred to as Ned, Lord Eddard who is played by the award winning actor Sean Bean is an odds on bet to be one of the reel symbols on the Game of the Thrones slot, being the man of the house in the Stark family we expect to see him as possibly one of the better paying reel symbols.

Catelyn Tully

As the wife of Ned, Catelyn Tully should be made into a reel symbol on the Game of Thrones slot for she does play an important role in the television series, played by Michelle Fairley, she would make quite a good looking reel symbol too.

Stark Family Children

It will of course remain to be seen if any of the Stark family children will be made into reel symbols, however with each child having their own unique personalities it would be a waste not to see Robb, Sanda, Ara, Bran and Rickon somewhere on the slot game.

Talisa Maegyr

Played by Oona Chaplin, the character Talisa Maegyr would make a good bonus game awarding reel symbol, for as she is a Healer it would be good to see her symbol, if she is of course made into one, awarding some type of mythical or magical bonus type game feature.

Night’s Watch Characters

Another set of characters that we think would make outstanding reel symbols on the Game of Thrones slot include both Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly and possibly Jeor Mormonet, as all three of these characters are in the Night’s Watch and would make great looking symbols in their own right.

Royal Reel Symbols

A couple of other characters from the Game of Thrones television series who should be made into reel symbols on the very soon to be launched Microgaming slot game are King Robert Baratheon and Queen Cersei Lannister, the two characters may not be very romantic to each other but they would add another dimension to the slot game for sure.

Game of Throne Slot Bonus Game and Bonus Feature Predictions

There are only going to be a handful of possible bonus games and bonus features that we are likely to see attached to the Game of Thrones slot game when Microgaming launch it online, and based on some of their recent bonus game awarding slot releases we shall now take a quick look at what we would like to see attached to this slot by way of bonus features and bonus games.

Free Spins

Many of the very latest slots Microgaming have launched come with a set of free spins bonus games which are unlocked as you play that slot game more and more, and trigger the free spins round several times during any session you play on it.

With this in mind we think it would be good for Microgaming to have a similar free spins bonus game on their Game of Thrones slot machine, for by having such a free spins bonus game which you can unlock as you play it more and more then it will give players a reason to play it over the long term.

Picking Bonus Games

Players tend to bore quickly of bonus games that offer a one stage type of pick to win or pick and match type of bonus game, and as such it would be a good idea if Microgaming attached some form of multi stage picking bonus game on the Game of Thrones slot.

For by having a multi stage picking game then there is going to be the very real opportunity of winning some sizeable amounts of cash when those types of bonus games are triggered and a player makes a series of successful picks when playing it.

Play the Game of Thrones Slot Online

We will of course keep you fully updated as to when you will be able to play the Game of Thrones slot online, however as this is going to be a Microgaming slot then it does of course go without saying you are going to find it on offer when it is launched at any of the online casinos that utilize their online gaming platform.

Feel free to have a good look around our website for we have some very informative and in-depth reviews on a range of handpicked Microgaming powered casinos that can be relied on to give their players great bonuses, plenty of slot comps and loyalty points, and a whole host of other outstanding features.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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