Game Play Option Settings on NetEnt Slots

dead-or-alive-slotInstant play online slot games are what NetEnt are famed for designing and they do have a huge suite of games on offer. If you are seeking out online casinos at which to play the biggest and most diverse range of slot games then you will not go wrong playing at any casino site using their range of slot games.

The best aspects about playing games at a any NetEnt powered online casino sites is that you will be guaranteed of finding the exact type of slot games which appeal to you personally which could be high action bonus game awarding video slots or huge paying progressive slot games.

However, NetEnt has also designed each of their many different slot games in such a way that players can click on the options tab and will then be presented with a large range of different option settings to allow those players to optimize and configure their own unique slot playing session to the way they like playing slots online.

Below you are going to find an overview of all of the vast array of deferent options settings available to you when playing at a NetEnt powered online casino site, so do have a look through those option settings and then do feel free to give the slot games some play time at any of our featured sites where you can play them in a no risk free play playing environment for play them for real money and pick up some generous bonuses as a first time player at each of our showcased and approved NetEnt powered casino sites.

Quick Spin – The Quick Spin option setting when you turn it on and have it in play on any NetEnt designed slot game will see all of the reel animations and any other animations on that slot being turned off and the reels will always spin and stop very quickly. This option will suit players who want to play a lot of spins off in the shortest amount of time.

Intro Screen –  There are plenty of slot games on offer at NetEnt powered online casino sites and many of them will show a short introduction type of video clip when you launch those games from the game menu. If you would prefer not to watch each of those video clips each time you launch any slot games then turn off the Intro Screen option form the game play settings and once you click on a slot to play the game will go straight to the base game screen.

Animations – You may prefer not to watch the reels becoming animation when you spin a winning combination in or when a wild symbols stands in for other reel symbols and helps you form a winning combination, if so then turn off the Animations option from the game play options settings.

Ambience Sounds – In the background when you are playing some NetEnt slots there will be music playing or some form of ambient sound effects in play, they can also be turned off by selecting the option settings table and clicking the ambience sounds setting option and de-activating it.

Sound Effects – All of the sound effects in play on NetEnt designed slot games come with some fully themed and entertaining sound effects, however you are always in full control in regards to whether you have those sound effects turned on or off when you play those slots online.

Graphics Quality – NetEnt slots come with highly enhanced graphics which can and do bring their slot games to life, however depending on the age and model of you computer you will be able to adjust the graphics to either High, Medium or Low quality ones.

Keyboard Shortcuts – You may not wish to keep on clicking your mouse on the spin button to send NetEnt designed slot game into play, and if you would prefer to click tap on your keyboards space bar to send the reels of any NetEnt slot spinning then click on the option setting sand activate the Keyboard Shortcut option and by doing so you then simply need to tap on your Space Bar to start the reels spinning.

Auto Play Option Settings

You can also use the auto play setting when playing NetEnt slot games online and by doing so below are all of the different ways that you can configure the auto play settings.

Stop on any win – You will have the option of having the auto play stop automatically whenever a winning spin has been spun in, not many players will utilize that options getting as you will find NetEnt slots do spin in a lot of winning combinations and it is fairly pointless having this option in use and you will find it will not be too long until a winning combination does get spun in when playing any of their slot games online.

Stop if single win exceeds – You will be able to set a limit in regards to how much you win as to when the auto play option setting turns itself off automatically. By using this option you can wander off as the slot it playing itself automatically safe in the knowledge if a win of a certain value spins in the auto play with stop.

Stop if Cash increases by – This option is much like the one above and as such with it turned on you can then pick a limit in regards to how much your casino account balance will increase by when the auto play is in play and if you do have a series of winning outcomes to any spins that sees your account balanced growing by a certain amount the auto play setting will turn itself off.

Stop if Cash decreases by – You can also configurable the auto play setting to turn itself off if your casino account balance decreases by a certain monetary value. So by suing this option you can set the slot to play itself and go and do something else but as soon as your initial casino account balance drops by your selected amount the auto play setting will turn itself off and will not then play off any additional spins on that slot game.

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