Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner

gibraltarProbably one of the most well known online gambling jurisdictions is Gibraltar, whilst attached to mainland Spain this is in fact a UK overseas territory, and the main attraction of Gibraltar from an online gambling site operators view point is that it is a low tax haven and as such any site registered here is not going to be forced to pay high taxes and huge licensing fees.

However, this does not mean that Gibraltar is a push over in regards to any site wishing to be licensed there, for they have a very tightly regulated gaming industry and as such you are only going to find the better run and operated sites being awarded a much sought after Gibraltar Gaming License.

Regulatory and Licensing Reputation

One of the main industries in Gibraltar is the online gaming industry and as such being such an important form of revenue for the Government the powers that be are not going to let any casino licensed here soil or in any way affect this important revenue stream.

This does of course mean that the standards expected and required by any gambling related company based and licensed in Gibraltar are high, in fact not just high but very high and the Gambling Commissioner does have teeth and is able to make instant decisions in regards to any gaming site that falls foul of his very high standards and expectations.

You are going to find it very hard to come across any better run and operated online gaming sites than those licensed in Gibraltar and as such as you as a player have lots of choice in regards to where you play online, we would suggest that you seriously consider signing up to a casino licensed in Gibraltar as you are not going to experience any kinds of problems playing at such a site and if you do then you can always seek help and assistance from the Gambling Commissioner.

Reviews of Online Casinos Licensed in Gibraltar

We are more than happy to showcase to you the following two online casino sites that hold a full and valid online gaming license in Gibraltar, each of these two sites offers a different suite of casino games and as such you are going to be able to play at either site and come across lots of different casino games that you may never have played before.

888 Casino – The first casino we would like to introduce you to is the 888 Casino site, being a large and successful UK PLC you are going to find they operate to the very highest standards as is expected by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and thanks to many valuable promotional offers you will find that your gambling bankroll will be given a welcome boost in value should you take them up on those offers.


Qualities of Gibraltar Licensed Casinos

Player Complaints Channel – If you do experience any problems with a Gibraltar gaming license holder then you are going to have a direct channel of communication with the Gambling Commissioner, who will look into your complaint and any decision made by the Commissioner has to be acted on by the casino in question, this ensures the actual number of complaints that do reach him are minimum as all Gibraltar licensed casino sites are famed for being very player friendly.

No Nonsense Commissioner – Gibraltar is not the largest place on earth in fact is it just over a couple of miles square is size and as such it is true to say that everyone tends to know everyone else in the gaming industry in Gibraltar, and this means the Gambling Commissioner is accessible and he is never afraid to take action if he believes any site is not operating to the very highest industry standards.

Well Run Casino Sites – You will come across lots of online casinos and online gambling sites when you are looking around the internet, but we really are convinced that any site licensed in Gibraltar is worth playing at for they are all extremely well run sites and are famed for giving their players the very best online gaming experience thanks to the high standard required to be a Gibraltar issued gaming license holder.

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