GTECH/Spielo to Release Sphinx 3D Slot Machine

sphinx-3d-slotSlot machine players are quite used to climbing onboard the new generation of slot machines, which are beginning to look more and more like the video games you find in an amusement arcade. However, when you first see the brand new latest release from GTECH/Spielo that being their Sphinx 3D slot you will want to give it a try.

In time gone by when you have wanted a fully immersive 3D experience you have had to wear a pair of 3D glasses, however thanks to something known as “Autostereoscopic Technology” you no longer need to wear them and when playing this Sphinx slot machine you simply sit down and the game will come to life, no matter at what angle you have manoeuvred the seat in front of the game.

In addition to this advanced 3D technology this game also boasts eye tracking technology which makes everything you are viewing on the games screen spring to life, and once you play this new game you really are going to become totally enveloped in it.

The Sphinx slot does of course boast an Egyptian theme and as such should you have enjoyed playing similar slots in the past, of which there are a lot of land based slot machines from various different suppliers boasting such a theme, then you really should consider giving this game a try as it has everything you will need from a slot and a whole lot more.

Sphinx 3D Slot Game Structure and Design

Let us now move onto the slot machines playing structure and game play features. You are going to find lots of reel symbols which depict the theme of the slot. Not only are you going to find plenty of Egyptian Artefacts on the reels as symbols but there is also a range of Wild Animals on the reels which have the higher payout values attached to them.

A set of Stacked Wild symbols are also in play on the reels, and when playing this Sphinx slot you will be hoping to get as many of them spinning in a certain way so as they cover as many of the visible reel positions as it possible.

The Sphinx slot machine is a 5 reel slot and in view on each reel are four different reel symbols. You are able to put into play a total of 30 different pay lines on each spin you play. The coin values and minimum and maximum bets will be determined by the casino at which you are playing this game at.

Sphinx Slot Base and Bonus Game Features

You can trigger up to seven different bonus games and bonus feature rounds when playing the Sphinx 3D slot, however it should be noted that by playing for higher stakes then you will open up all seven of those feature rounds, playing this slot with low stakes will mean you will not have the chance of triggering them all.

So if you can afford to play this slot machine with maximum bet spins then that is the best way to play it as you will not be making any compromise in regards to the bonus games and bonus features you will be able to trigger and be awarded with.

Below we have listed all of the many different bonus games and bonus features that you could end up triggering as you are playing the Sphinx 3D slot game from GTECH and Spielo.

Coin Bonus Feature – When you are awarded the Coin Bonus feature game you need to pick off the bonus screen the coins and when you do you will reveal an additional wild symbol which will come into play.

Box Bonus – This is another pick to win type of bonus game, and once triggered simply follow the onscreen instructions as soon as you have been awarded it.

Diamond Chamber Bonus – As soon as this bonus game has been awarded to you a set of Diamonds will be displayed on the screen, you need to pick one of them off to be awarded with its associated winning payout, which will be determine by the stakes you are playing this slot game for.

Stars Progressive Bonus – This is a picking game on which you have to pick off Stars located on the bonus game screen, you will get up to 15 picks in the hope you manage to secure the highest valued winning payouts offered on the jackpot meters.

Ancient Wheel Bonus – This game will involve you spinning up to three unique bonus wheels, in the hope the highest valued segment of the wheel is the one that ends up facing you once you have set the wheels in motion and they then come to a complete stop.

Wild Scarab Bonus – A set of special Scarab symbols are added to the reels during this bonus game and you will of course be hoping you get as many of them spinning in as you possibly can to secure the bigger winning payouts, depending of course on whether other matching symbols line up on your activated pay lines alongside those Scarab symbols.

Ramosis Free Spins –  An enhanced set of free spins could be yours when playing this slot game and when triggered the bonus reels will be sent into play and you will be awarded with a multiplier value which will hopefully boost the values of any winning combinations spun in as those free spins are all playing off.

Playability of the Sphinx 3D Slot

You are always going to want to play a brand new slot machine once you see it on a land based casinos gaming floor, however there really is something extra special about this Sphinx 3D slot machine that attracts players to give it a try.

Although the stunning 3D animations and graphics may not become apparent as you walk past this slot, as soon as you jump onto its chair, then the amazing 3D technology will spring into life and you really will find it one of the more immersive slot machines around, and as such it is a game worth playing. Your only task now is of course to find a land based casino that has it on offer.

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