Guide to Playing Casino Poker Games

Whilst there are a large number of people who enjoy playing poker there are a growing number of players who do not enjoy playing poker games which entail you playing against other players, and with this in mind many online casino software companies have chosen to release and launch a range of casino card games which are based on the many different poker game variants which are played heads up against the casino and not other players.

There are quite a number of casino poker games as they are known, and when playing these types of games online your aim is to end each game with a higher ranked poker hand than the Dealer or get dealt one of the bonus hands should an additional side bet wager have been placed.

Below we will introduce you to the all of the classic casino poker games which have been available to online casino players for a number of years now, make sure you also check out our New Casino Poker Games section that will showcase to you some of the very latest poker games that have recently gone live.

Betting Options on Casino Poker Games

As you play all online poker games you are going to come across many different types of betting options, and to assist you in getting an understanding of these bets and wagers an overview of each of them can be found below.


This is an obligatory bet which needs to be placed before you can set any casino poker game which has an Ante Bet into live play.


This is a betting option available on a lot of casino poker games and is to be used when you wish to be dealt your next card but without having to pay for that card.


When you place a Raise Bet you need to pay an additional wager to be dealt any additional card that is about to be dealt out to you, this wagering option is taken when you think you have a very good chance of forming a high paying poker hand with your additional card or cards.


Some casino poker games will allow you to fold your hand, when you take this option you will instantly end your current game and will in most circumstances lose any Ante Bet wager you have placed.

Bonus Bet

Some casino poker games will have either a progressive jackpot or a set of bonus payouts which can only be won when a Bonus Bet has been placed. This wager is a standalone type bet and must be placed alongside your initial bet before you set the game in live play.

Most Played Casino Poker Games

There are many online casino poker games that have been around and accessible for many years now, and below we have listed these classic and popular games for you. Each game listed will have a different playing structure and as such each of these games will offer a different set of payouts and will come with their own unique house edge.

Should you be interested in playing a range of new casino poker games then we have a section of our website that is dedicated to the newest casino poker games that have recently gone live in the online gaming environment, so do check that section out. The games listed below are all available at Microgaming powered sites, please do also check out our guide to Playtech Casino Poker Games for that casino software provider does offer many unique variants of casino poker and you may find several of their games which take your fancy.

3 Card Poker

You will find a number of different 3 Card Poker game variants on offer online, and the only major differences between the variants on offer at different casino sites will be the payouts attached to the game.

When playing 3 Card Poker you are given the option of playing two different games, one is played in the hope that the three cards that are dealt out to you beats the Dealers three cards, and the other game will award you with a set of payouts based on the actual value of the hand you have been dealt irrespective of what the Dealers cards are.

Pai Gow Poker

The game of Pai Gow Poker is a slow paced casino poker game on which you are dealt a total of seven cards, the aim is for you to form a five card hand and a two card hand with your seven cards in the hope that both hands beat the Dealers hands.

You will find a bonus type bet is on offer on some Paid Gow Poker games and once placed you then qualify for a range of bonus payouts when you form one of several hands that are listed on the bonus bet pay table.

Cyberstud Poker

You will find two different variants of Cyberstud Poker available, the first is a standard game and the other has a progressive jackpot attached to it, when playing the latter a side bet wager is required to be placed alongside your base game bet to activate the set of progressive jackpot payouts.

Both the Player and the Dealer will receive a total of five playing cards and the aim of Cyberstud Poker is to beat the Dealers hand with your own hand and should you have a high ranked poker hand then a set of bonus payouts are awarded to you, but only if the Dealer Qualifies by being dealt a hand containing an Ace and a King or higher.

Poker Pursuit

The Poker Pursuit game does resemble a game of video poker, however it has a different type of playing structure and one that to set the game into live play you first need to place an initial bet, once placed you click on the Deal button to receive three cards.

Once those three cards have been dealt you can Raise or Call your bet to receive your fourth and then fifth cards. At the top of the Poker Pursuit game there is the pay table which lists all of the different winning hand rankings which can be awarded to you.

Poker Ride

This particular casino poker game has an optional bonus type wager and by placing this bet you could win a share of or the entire progressive jackpot which is displayed at the top of the screen. You place an initial bet to set the game in motion and three cards will be dealt out to you, once these three cards are dealt you then need to decide whether to Call the bet and by doing so another card is dealt out to you at no cost or you can Raise the bet to receive a fourth card.

You are then given the same betting option, either a Call or Raise bet to receive a fifth and final card and should you end up with one of the payouts listed on the pay table you will be awarded the associated payout with that hand.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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