Happy New Year from the Casinos for Money Team

The New Year has finally arrived, and the entire team here at Casinos for Money would like to wish you a very prosperous and happy 2015, and as part of our first set of casino game playing articles for this year we are going to be introducing you to a range of slots which you may never have played before.

We do know that a very large number of our website visitors love playing slot games online, as some of our most visited pages on this website are those related to slot playing guides and slot game reviews, and with this in mind, below you will find an overview to several brand new guides and articles that are sure to be of interest to you if you are hoping to have a profitable year ahead.

Slots to Play with a Hangover – As you may be feeling slightly delicate today, more so if you have been up late seeing in the New Year, and have had possibly more than your fair share of alcohol then take a look at our guide that will introduce you to just which slot games you may be interested in playing if you are suffering from a hangover.

This is a comical look at a range of online slot games that may slowly bring you back to normal and these slots should, if everything goes to plan, give you plenty of winning opportunities whilst at the same time they should immerse you in their game play and could possibly make you forget about that hangover.

Laid Back Slot Games – If you are still off work thanks to the extended holiday weekend and you are looking for some slot games to play online that you have never have played before, but you do not wish to over complicate that slot playing session with slots that boast too many bonus games and bonus features, then our guide to the best laid back slot games to play will be right up your street.

We have been looking through our entire collection of slot game reviews, of which we have hundreds upon hundreds of them dotted around our website, and have handpicked a range of slots that are very easy to play and slots that should enable you to kick off your shoes, take a step by and casually give them a whirl.

All Action Bonuses Game Packed Slots – One of your New Year resolutions may be to get stuck into playing slots that are going to give you much more entertainment from your gaming budget and slot playing bankroll. If you have been playing the same old slots time and time again in the last year and have never had much luck playing those slots, then have a look over our guide to the most action packed and bonus game packed slots for those slots will ensure out get a lot of excitement out of playing them.

With there now being such a massive and diverse range of video slots on which you can trigger all many of new and never seen before and potentially very high paying bonus games and bonus features, you do really owe it to yourself to test out and give those slots some play time.

Slots That Spin in More Winning Combinations – You should always be on the lookout for slot games to play online that offer you the best chances of winning, with there being thousands of different slot games available at many different casinos that use different gaming platforms, software and different suites of casino games, there is certainly no shortages of slots to play online.

Every slot game you come across online will have its own published and certified long term expected payout percentage, and you will often be amazed at just how low some of those payout percentages can be, making the mistake of playing a slot which has been designed to return only a small amount of your stakes as winning payouts will see you not having the best type of online slot playing experience.

You need to be actively seeking out only those slot games that have the highest payout percentages when you choose to play slots online, and one way that you are going to be able to do just that but without having to spend hours researching and looking up the individual payout percentages attached to all online slot games is by simply taking a look over our guides to the slots that spin in more winning combinations.

For on that playing guide you are going to find all of the very best paying slot games by virtue of those slots having been designed with the highest payout percentages. Even a difference of a few percentage points on their respective payout percentages can make a lot of different in regards to the way they play and pay and as such we cordially invite you to check through this guide to enable you to discover which slots have been designed to give you more back from your total stakes wagered on them by way of winning payouts.

Plenty of New Years Bonuses

A very large number of our showcased and top rated online casino sites have put together some huge New Year new player as well as existing player bonuses, so if you do have a little spare time today or in the days ahead make sure you have a look at as many of our featured online casinos websites, for by doing so you will find listed all of their best valued bonus offers.

Also as you may have taken delivery of a new Tablet device or a new mobile phone over the Christmas and New Year period we have also reviewed a large number of mobile casino sites throughout our website and those mobile casinos much like their online counterparts are giving away all manner of high valued bonuses to new and existing players, so make sure you take full advantage of them all.

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