Have More Fun & Confidence at Casinos

Online casinos and offline casinos don’t work the same. When it comes to a brick and mortar casino, the logic just goes upside down. Instead of focusing on making money and bankroll management you see people loosening up and parading their money, even when loses. I didn’t get it at first, but now I understand.

I’ve been saying it for a very long time (and writing it too: Secret Casino Wins) that beating an offline casino is not necessarily taking this and that amount of dollars. If you’re in it purely for making money you better stay home and play online. That way you can focus on your game, free from the distractions of the food and drinks (and the waitress), and mostly from other players who cramp your style.

I look at ‘land-based’ casino houses as a spot you come to have fun on the whole, from all it has to offer: the restaurants, the shows, the music, the dance floor, the mingling… Playing is just a part of it. You can win at the casino every day. You just need discipline and practice. But how boring is it playing like an accountant?

My winning system is to count. Not blackjack cards, because I’m not there to work, but count my money in public. Money has an almost mystical effect on people, and it works like a charm. It gets the person who counts it excited, and yes, everyone around you. Even people who make over 100K a year key up when the count $1000 in cash.

Our credit card living creates this barrier between our financial capabilities and our actual money. How many of us held $200 cash in our hands? All we touch is loose change and small bills. That’s how the cash mystique came to life. Seen any bank-robbers-movie lately? Nowadays robbers use clean and effortless electronic methods where you don’t need a getaway car, but cash is just more photogenic than a clerk clicking on his computer to transfer money between accounts.

So when you go to a casino bring your playing money in cash (but only if you control your cash flow). Make it a fat bundle and put the big bills on the outside. A good pack would be $500-$1000. And then work your magic around the blackjack or poker table, at the bar, and when someone you want to impress is around you.

The idea in not to go crazy and start spreading your wealth on every table you see – get some mileage out of your money, but have fun with it and don’t forget to tip. There’s nothing uglier than cheap rich people. Oh, yes there is – sore losers. If you lose a bet at home you can curse, whine, cry, whatever. If you lose in public you better take it like a man. You’re not a player if you don’t have sportsmanship. So keep a straight face and make everybody feel like you’ve got a lot more where that money came from.

When you play against other players, letting them see you count a nice load of cash can make them lose confidence. If you’re there to network, you are sending a signal that you’re a successful person who’s worth getting to know. And if you’re there to pick up a date, well, money never hurts in this department. So ff you got it, flaunt it, just don’t blow it all in one round…

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