High Risk Low Return Blackjack Bonus Bets

One reason why more and more people then to play at an online casino as opposed to visiting a land based casino venue is that they are always going to find many more game variants on offer to them online than they will ever come across in a land based casino.

Should you be one of our website visitors who have a true passion for playing blackjack then you really should take a few minutes out to read through this blackjack playing guide in its entirety. For we are going to let you know which bets you should always avoid placing on certain blackjack games due to those betting opportunities offering you know value what so ever.

The aim of any blackjack player is of course to end their session with a larger casino account balance than they started playing with, and by avoiding the high risk and low return blackjack betting opportunities and sticking to playing only the very lowest house edge blackjack game variants are you going to have a chance of doing just that.

So let us now move onto to presenting to you a range of different blackjack game variants on which you will be offered some form of additional bonus bet wagering opportunities, but each of those games and bets you will find listed and mentioned below are ones you should never place due to the associated house edges of those best being very high ones.

Insurance Wager – One blackjack playing tip that has been passed down the generations in regards to playing blackjack is in regards to the Insurance side bet wager you will be offered.

This is usually the highest paying bet you can place on a standard blackjack game and when placed if the dealers hand turns out to be a blackjack hand then you will receive a winning payout worth 2 to 1 of your wagered amount on the Insurance side bet wager.

But please, never be tempted to place the Insurance side bet ager on any blackjack game variant you are playing for it offers no value what so ever to a player due to its very large house edge. If you do decide to place an insurance side bet wage you are instantly going o start to increase the overall house edge you will be playing against, and that is something you will never want to do, so never place that side bet wager on any black game variant you are playing.

Progressive Jackpot Bonus Bet – There are some online casinos that offer their players at least one progressive blackjack game, and if you make the decision of playing at a Microgaming powered site then their version of this game is the Triple 7’s Blackjack game.

When playing that variant of blackjack you are always going to be obliged to have to place a 1.00 side bet wager alongside every single base game hand you play off, however by doing so that will unlock a range of bonus winning payouts which can be awarded dot you when certain hand combinations are dealt out to your hand.

Be warned though that as the side bet wager is obligatory you are always forced to have to place it and whilst one of the bonus payouts you could win when playing the Triple 7’s Blackjack game is the progressive jackpot, your actual chances of winning that jackpot are tiny. One thing that is not tiny in regards to playing this game is the house edge due to that obligatory side bet wager that can result in the actual house edge of this Triple 7’s game based on the value of the jackpot an enormous 35%.

High Streak Blackjack – When you discover that the High Streak Blackjack game is one on which you can place a bonus side bet which is going to start rewarding you with winning bonus payouts when you get two or more winning hands dealt out to you consecutively, then you may be very interested in playing this game online.

Ask yourself just how many times have you been playing blackjack and have had two or more winning hand combinations dealt out to your consecutively, and the answer will of course be e a very large number of times.

That is why many player will tend to give High Streak Blackjack some play time when they see it being offered, the side bet wager is a completely stand alone one and is an optional wager, however by placing it you will start to receive various different winning payouts when consecutive winning hands have been dealt out to you.

However, when playing this game the base game house edge on offer at Microgaming powered casino sites is very modest at 0.42%, however when we let you know that the house edge attached to the bonus bet is around 4.55% then you can see why the casino owners will be more than happy for you to place that side bet wager.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack – Another blackjack game variant often found available in many online casino sites is the Prefect Pairs Blackjack game, much like the game above the base game sued for this variant is the European Blackjack game which does have a very reasonable house edge of 0.42% attached dot it when you play off each hand optimally.

However you are able to place an optional side bet wager when you choose to play this blackjack game and by doing so a range of bonus payouts can be achieved and awarded to you based on the two initial cards dealt out to your hand.

However, that bonus bet as been designed to give the casino an even bigger chance of winning your bankroll off you for it comes with a house edge of a very large 7.77%, and as such when compared to the base game house edge of just 0.42% you should never place that Perfect pairs side bet wager if you want to have a fair chance of winning.

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