High Risk Roulette Bets

As with any casino game, when you choose to play Roulette online you are going to find there are a plethora of different betting opportunities on offer on each Roulette game and in fact many different types of variants of this popular casino table game are on offer.

With this in mind we have compiled the following Roulette playing guide with one thing in mind, and that is to present to you the high risk betting opportunities offered on Roulette games whilst also introducing you to many different variants of this game which offer you poor value due to the way those games have been designed and the payouts you can be awarded when playing them online.

Bucket Bet – You will find the Bucket Bet is only available on the American Roulette game that is actually one game you should never play due to the reasons outlined below, however the Bucket Bet is one bet you should never place on this particular game for it is a high risk and poor valued bet.

This bet covers the numbers, one, two and three and also the single and double zero, and as such if you do place this bet and any of those two zeros or the numbers one, two or three spin in you will have won and the winning payout for this bet is 6 to 1 however what makes this bet a poor valued one is that the house edge on that bet alone is 7.89% which is, if you are unaware, a terribly high house edge bet and the reason for that bet being a poor valued one will be explained in the next section below.

American Roulette Bets – The American Roulette game has two zeros on its wheel, and whilst you can of course place a bet on either the double or single zero or any of the other numbers from one to thirty six inclusive, the payout odds on this game are identical to the European Roulette game.

But as that European Game has only one zero on its wheel then the house edge you will be playing against when playing the American game and placing any bet onto the table, with the exception of the bucket bet above is 5.26% which is considerably higher than the 2.70% house edge found on all of the betting opportunities on the European Roulette game.

So avoid actually playing the American Roulette game when there is a European variant on offer at the casino site you are playing at, for whilst you can win when playing it due to that much higher house edge it is a high risk yet low reward type of game to play.

Roulette Royale Side Bet – If you play at some Microgaming powered online casino sites you will find they offer a Roulette game variant known as the Roulette Royale game, when playing this game you are forced to place a side bet wager on each spin you make.

This is something of high risk type of side bet and whilst obligatory you can pick up and win a range of bonus payouts as soon as one number spins in two or more times consecutively. In fact if the same single number spins in five times on the trot you will win a progressive jackpot.

IGT Interactive Roulette Game variants

If you are playing at an online casino that offers you the range of Roulette games from IGT Interactive then you will find a range of games on which all manner of additional bonus type bets can be placed.

Below you will find a listing of these types of games and what the bonus bets can and will award you when they pay off, however do be aware that these particular bets are quite high risk, but when the bonus winning payouts start to be awarded to you then you can win some fairly substantial amounts of cash.

Hot Streak Roulette Bet – When you play the High Streak Roulette game online you are able to pick a set of six consecutive numbers which are one to six, seven to twelve, thirteen to eighteen, nineteen to twenty four, twenty five to thirty or thirty one to thirty six, and place a bonus side bet on those numbers.

The aim of this bonus bet is that by placing it on any of those sets of six numbers as soon as one of those six numbers spin in one or more times on the trot your bonus bet will start to bear fruit, get any one of those six numbers spinning in six times on the trot and your bonus bet winning payout is 25,000 times your bonus bet stake amount!

Double Action Roulette – Another high risk type of Roulette game variant you will come across when playing at any online casino that has the suite of IGT Interactive Roulette games is the Double Action Roulette game variant and this variant is a game using two wheels.

The wheels are located together one on top of each other so they sit snugly one on top of the other and once you have placed your bets the inner wheel will spin and stop and the outer wheel will do the same, so in effect two numbers per game are going to be announced as winning numbers.

Therefore on each of the standard betting opportunities you play and place a bet on your need to place two individual wagers to cover both of the wheels, however there is a much higher risk betting opportunity you can place when playing this game which is a special optional side bet.

This bonus side bet will allow you to pick one or more numbers in the hope that one of the numbers you pick and place a bet on via the special race track type layout is going to be spun in on both of those wheels, if so you will be awarded a winning payout worth 1200 to 1 of the bonus stake amount you have placed.

Three Wheel Roulette – Another very high risk type of Roulette game that you are going to be able to play online is the Triple Wheel Roulette game, this game is similar to the game above, however instead of there being two Roulette wheels in play there are three of them.

You can of course place all of the standard bets onto the betting layout when playing this variant, whoever there is a special Colour Up Bet on offer which will award you with several different bonus payouts depend on just which numbers spin in.

If you choose to play this high risk Roulette game and place that additional side bet wager then you will be awarded with the following set of bonus payouts when any of the following series of numbers or number groupings spin in on the three wheels.

Three numbers that all share the same colour will see the side bet being returned as a push bet so you will not have won or lost and you simply get your bonus bet payout returned to you, however if any of the two numbers that spin in match, so for example if two of them are the number 5 then you get paid a bonus payout of 5 to 1 of your bonus bet staked amount.

It the three numbers that spin in are a straight for example the numbers 17, 18 and 19 spin in then a winning payout of 25 to 1 of your bonus bet staked amount is paid out to you, the numbers do not have to land on each wheel in order so if you spin in a 19 on the first wheel a 17 on the second and an 18 on the third wheel then that is still classed as a straight!

If two zeros spin in on any of the three wheels you receive a winning payout worth 50 to 1 of your bonus bet amount, any three numbers that are all the same for example 3 x 2’s then a winning payout worth 100 to 1 of your staked amount is awarded to you, and if you spin in all three zeros then your bonus payout is worth 1000 to 1 of your bonus bet staked amount.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette – Another high risk Roulette game that may be of interest to you is the Double Bonus Spin game which has two zeros and all of the standard 36 other numbers of the wheel however in addition to each of those numbers there is a yellow colour ball well which is one and a half times wider than all other wells.

You can place your bets on any of the standard numbers and should the yellow coloured number well spin in, which it should do on average more times than the other numbers due to it being a slightly larger ball well, then you are awarded a spin on the double wheel Roulette game and this will see two numbers being spin in.

All of your original bets remain in place during that bonus spin so you have twice the number of chances of winning with those bets. If you have placed a bet on the yellow bonus bet position on the betting layout and the ball lands in the yellow ball well then you could win a bonus payout worth 1200 to 1 on that bonus bet.

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