High Rolling Casino Table Games

Our series of articles that make up our Complete Guide to High Rolling would of course not be complete if we didn’t take a look at casino table games, and with this in mind we invite you to have a good look through this high rolling casino table games guide, which is going to enable you to locate and play the lowest house edge card games.

Be aware we have chosen to compile this guide which concentrates just on the table games that can be found and played online for high rolling stake levels, should you be seeking card games then please do take a look over our recently added guide that takes a look at High Stakes Online Casino Card Games.

What Makes a Table Game a High Stake One?

When you sit down to play any online casinos table games there is one determining feature that will classify any of the games on offer as high rolling games and that is simply the maximum permitted stakes levels that you can place per game played.

Whilst many casinos can and do cater for high rolling players you are always going to come across some casino sites that do not, and as such before you waste your time and effort signing up to any casino, do have a look at their website or ask their customer support team for the maximum stake levels offered on their table games.

Should a casino be offering only low stakes, if you have asked the customer support team they may refer you over to one of their VIP Hosts who may be able to give you access to higher stake games, as some casinos have full control over the minimum and maximum stake options offered on their range of table games.

It is generally accepted in the online gaming environment that any high stake table game is one that will permit you to place bets of over 100.00 per game played, and this will be in whatever currency option you have chosen as the base currency of your casino account.

However, you are going to find great differences into the maximum permitted chip values and stake options on offer at various casino sites, and it will not be that difficult locating casinos who can readily cater for the very highest of high rollers and when playing at such sites you will be able to play for stakes as high as 2000.00 per game played.

High Stake Casino Table Games

Let us now give you some ideas as to what type of tables games can be played in a high stake fashion at several of our featured casino sites, further down this page you will find a range of different casino sites all of which utilize different gaming platforms and also offer different gaming platforms on which you should quite easily be able to play at any of the following table games for very high stake levels.

High Stake Roulette Games – Roulette is one game that is popular with a lot of high rolling players, and as such you will find the chip values can be set high at any online casino that caters for high rolling players and you will also find each betting opportunity offered on a high stakes Roulette game will enable you to place some very high limit bets onto them.

The only thing you need to be aware of when playing Roulette for high stake levels is that the variant you are playing will have its own built in house edge, you will be getting many more winning opportunities if you choose to play the European single zero Roulette game variant as opposed to the double zero American Roulette game variant. The former has a house edge of just 2.70% and the latter game has a much higher and unappealing house edge which works out at 5.26%.

Craps Games with High Stake Levels – You will find one of the most social types of casino table games played in a land based casino site is of course the game of Craps, and you will also be able to play this game online at several online casinos.

The main difference in regards to the way the land based versions of this game and the online versions work is that when you play them online you are of course playing them in a single player mode, and as such it will be just you at the table rolling those dice, but that does make it a much faster playing game than the land based variants.

High Rolling Sic-bo Games – Another dice game which may interest you and one that offers a huge number of betting opportunities is the Sic-bo game which many casinos now have readily on offer. If you have never played this game before then the aim of the game is for you to correctly predict the outcome of three dice that will be rolled once you have chosen your bets.

The range of betting opportunities is large and as such you will find bets offering low winning payouts and those are the most likely outcome of the roll of the three dice, and you will also find some huge payout odds attached to some of the more unlikely outcome of the roll of the three dice, so it is certainly a game that should appeal to all players based on how much risk they wish to have attached to the games they play.

Pai Gow Games for High Rollers – Pai Gow is a very low variance type of casino game, and you will find it is slow paced game which does not offer the most exciting type of playing structure. However, if you do like fairly straight forward casino games to play and ones that do not offer the often roller coaster type of playing session you get on most other casino games, then do take a look at the many different variants found online, as some Pai Gow games have an optional side bet option which can turn this low variance type of games into a much more high variance game.

There are also several other less popular casino table games which you should have no problems what so ever playing for high stake levels, and for more information on these types of games please checkout our individual casino site reviews listed further down this page, as some of those sites have a unique selection of table games which are exclusive to their respective sites.

Extra Benefits of Being a High Stake Player

You are of course going to be made very welcome at all casino sets if you like playing not just table games for high stakes amount but in fact any type of casino games. In fact all online casinos are going to be fighting for your business, and as such you can often find yourself in a very powerful position in regards to what extras you are going to be offered as an incentive to sign up and to become a regular player at any casino site.

With this in mind below is an overview of the types of incentives you should have no problems getting access to once you become a player at any online casino site and regularly play for above average stake amounts.

Enhanced Bonus Offers – Your high stake levels are not going to go unnoticed by any online casino site, and as such it will soon be the task of the VIP Hosts at each site you play at to send you some enhanced bonus offers which will enable you to get more value from your gambling budget and will of course see you hopefully remaining loyal to that one casino.

It is worth noting that all bonuses you are going to be offered may come with a different set of bonus play through requirements which are based on your choice of games, and you are never going to be under any obligation to take a bonus offered to you, in fact most high rollers prefer playing with only their own funds as that enables them to play any game they want and withdraw when they want, without being forced to meet any bonus play through requirements first before they can cash out their winnings.

Increased Player Comps – By playing for high stakes you are going to find any casino worth its salt will increase the number of comp points you earn on every single wager you place. The most common way for them to do this is via their multi level comp club, and by playing for high stakes and reaching several different thresholds you will soon find yourself gaining access to the higher tiers of a casinos comp club where the bigger and better comps are awarded.

Tailored Promotional Offers – There are many bonus offers that do not get offered to most casino game players, and as such as a high rolling table game player you will often find you get personal invites to take advantage of a completely tailored type of bonus offer.

What all Casino VIP Hosts will do is regularly review your casino account and take a quick look at the categories of casino game you like to play, and then they will get in touch with you and offer you some high valued deposit match bonuses which you are going to be able to use on the games you enjoy playing.

Quicker Payout Times – Whilst both low rolling and high rolling players will be demanding rapid winning payouts when they have played and won at any online casino, due to the likelihood of high rolling casino game players making some huge winning withdrawals, then any casino worth its salt is going to ensure that as soon as you have requested a winning payout those winnings are processed and sent back to you quickly.

Dedicated Casino Host – Having your own dedicated VIP Casino Host really is going to be beneficial to you when playing at any online casino site, for that person is going to give you a direct contact method to allow you to bypass the front line customer support team, and as such if you have any special requirements then simply get in touch with your VIP Host and ask them directly, you will always find they are willing to bend over backwards to accommodate you.

New High Stake Table Games

It is not going to be a case of you coming across a lot of new and never seen before casino table games when you are playing into the online gaming environment, for most of the games that are available have been around for a number of years now and it is quite rare for brand new table games to become available.

However, from time to time you may see a brand new game being launched at some casino sites, and it is usually those sites which are powered by one of the major gaming platforms that will have such games on offer.

With this in mind it may be advisable for you to open an account at one of our featured casinos that utilize the gaming platform from companies such as Playtech, Microgaming or NetEnt, as it is more likely you will find new games being launched by one of those gaming platform suppliers than on one of the lesser well known gaming platforms.

To be perfectly honest the largest range of brand new casino games being launched online are mainly slot machines, but should you like playing slot games is in addition to table games then you will have a fantastic selection of new and exciting slots on offer and you will of course have no problems playing them for very high stakes levels if you choose to play at any of the online casino listed on our website, so have a good look around as there are more than enough sites to choose from all of which are handpicked for our high rolling website visitors.

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