High Streak Blackjack for Real Money

high-streak-blackjackYou are going to experience both winning streaks and losing streaks when playing Blackjack online much like you will when playing in a land based casino. However, if you choose to play at one of our many listed and approved Microgaming Casinos you will come across a Blackjack game variant that is going to allow you to cash in on all winning streaks when you have opted to place an optional side bet wager.

This game is the High Streak Blackjack game which is one of several unique Blackjack Game Variants that utilize the European Blackjack game as the base game but offer some huge potential winning payouts as soon as you have placed the bonus bet and see several winning hands being dealt out to you on the trot.

Bonus Betting Opportunities

On the right hand side of the base game betting box on the High Streak Blackjack games table layout you will find a High Streak Bet box, and that is where you have to place the optional side bet wager alongside your initial base game bet when playing this Blackjack game, be aware that you are not able to play this game unless you have placed a base game bet and as such the bonus bet cannot be placed in its own.

As soon as you have placed that bonus bet and your initial base game bet you play off your base hand as normal. If your base hand loses then you will also lose your bonus bet, however if you base hand wins then that bonus bet remains locked in place for the next hand.

Should your next hand win then in addition to your base game hand winning payout you are paid out at odds of even money for your bonus bet and that bet once again stays locked in place for the next hand you play. You will then receive a winning payout of 2 to 1 if your third hand wins, and then a winning payout of 5 to 1 if your fourth hand wins and finally a winning payout on your bonus bet of 10 to 1 if your fifth consecutive hand wins, if at any time you lose a hand you lose your bonus bet.

Multi Hand versus Single Hand Variant

This High Streak Blackjack game is only available as single hand game, and as such you can only play one single hand at a time. Should you not be too bothered in regards to placing the bonus betting option then you will find that when playing at any Microgaming powered casino site you will have a multi hand version of their European Blackjack game available.

Dealer and Player Rules

When you play this High Streak Blackjack game it follows the same playing rules for both the Dealers playing and betting decisions and the players betting decisions as the European Blackjack game variant and as such the Dealer will always deal himself just one initial facing upwards card and will not deal out any further cards to his hand until you have played off your initial hand.

When the Dealers hand is worth 17 or above if value then he will always stand his hand. A player paying this game is allowed to double down and pay for one additional card to be dealt out to his or her hand when their initial two cards add up to a hard 9, 10 or 11 valued hand.

You can split any pair of cards when playing this variant but cannot split a pair of cards that are unalike and have a value of ten, a hand can only ever be split once but you can if you want have several cards dealt out to any split Ace.

Payouts and Playing Tips

As this real money High Streak Blackjack game uses two decks of playing cards and follows the very same rules as the European Blackjack game then the long term expected house edge of this game is 0.42%. That expected house edge is of course based on the base game and any side bet you do place is going to have an effect of the house edge.

The two deck shoe of this game is shuffled before all new games are sent into live play, and when playing it you will get a winning payout of 3 to 2 if you get dealt out any winning Blackjack hand, and every other hand that wins will see you picking up a winning payout of even money. The Insurance bet which is a very poor valued bet due to its huge house edge is a bet you should always avoid placing and if you do choose to place it and the Dealer deals himself a winning Blackjack hand you are paid out at odds of 2 to 1.

You are probably also looking for a few playing tips for this game and we as always like to do we shall now pass on a few very easy to remember tips for playing this game which when put into live play will see you playing this game optimally.

If you are dealt out two Aces as your initial hand then you should always split them, never take Insurance if the Dealer is also showing an Ace and do not be put off splitting those Aces even if the Dealer has an Ace.

If you get dealt out a hard nine as your initial hand then the best strategy you can put into play regarding that hard 9 hand is for you to double down when the Dealer has a card valued at a 2 to 6 and hit that hard 9 hand if the Dealer has a card showing that is valued higher than a seven and that also includes when the dealer is showing an Ace.

One final tip is when you have any pair of 10 valued cards as your initial two card hand, always choose to stand such a hand and never split them into two spate hands.

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