Highest Paying Online Video Poker Variants

video-pokerThe online casino environment has been in existence for two decades now, and with any successful industry there have been many major developments over the years and in regards to video poker games they now come in all manner of different shapes and forms.

However at the heart of any online video poker variant you are going to come across when playing at any online casino site, the payout percentage that the game offers is going to make that game a much sought after one or a game you are probably best of leaving well alone.

In this article we are going to take along hard look at each of the major and more well known online casino game designers and online casino gaming platforms, and present to you a no nonsense guide to the very highest paying online video poker variants offered by each and every one of them.

Be aware to get the expected long term expected payout percentages listed below then you need to do two things when playing any game listed, the first is to play those games with the maximum number of coins in play on each game played and secondly you must be playing perfect strategy.

Microgaming’s Best Video Poker Variants

As Microgaming have the largest collection of online video poker games then we thought we should start by introducing you to some of their better paying video poker games. It is to be noted that you are going to find plenty of different stake level options on most of their video poker games with the exception of their Progressive Video Poker Games, and as such you can set the game to play at stake levels of your own choosing which should not affect the payout percentages listed below.

It will be very easy for you to locate the highest paying Microgaming video poker game variant, for it is listed at the top of their video poker games menu! The one game that ticks all of the right boxes in regards to you having the best chance of winning when playing it is their All Aces video poker game, and when playing this single hand version of the game with the best playing strategy you will be getting an award winning payout percentage of a massive 99.92%.

There are a few other Microgaming video poker games that are worthy of note, their Jacks or Better single hand game offers an RTP of the standard 99.54%, and if you are looking for some of the more exotic and unusual video poker games to play then do consider giving their All American single hand video poker variant a try for that game has a payout percentage of 99.38%, and their Deuces Wild single hand game boasts a pay table that will return a slightly lower payout percentage of 99.37%

Playtech’s Best Video Poker Variants

Before we showcase to you the very best Playtech software powered video poker games you need to be aware of a couple of anomalies you will find when playing some of their multi player games as opposed to the single hand video poker games.

When you are accessing the 10 hand or higher games of Jacks or Better video poker or their Aces or Face video poker games the payout percentages are lower than their single hand games, this is due to a slightly different pay table being in force on the multi hand games, so do avoid playing those two multi hand variants.

Playtech have two video poker game variants that are worthy of note their currently highest paying video poker game on offer is their single hand Jacks or Better game which has the industry standard pay table attached to it, and as such that means when playing this game with perfect playing strategy you can expect a long term payout percentage of 99.54%, their second highest paying video poker variant is their single hand Aces and Faces game which with perfect strategy will return a long term payout percentage of 99.26%.

NetEnt Video Poker Variants

As you will have read above in regards to Playtech’s multi hand video poker games a similar anomaly is attached to the three hands video poker variants of NetEnt’s Joker Poker, Deuces Wild and the All American video poker variants, and as such avoid playing those three hand games for the pay tables in force on them are lower paying ones that the single handed versions of those three games.

If you do find yourself logged into any NetEnt software powered casino site then one game which is outstanding in regards to its long term expected payout percentage is their Jacks or Better video poker game (the single hand version), unlike the majority of other software provides whose Jacks or Better video poker game has a payout percentage of a standard 99.54% when playing NetEnt’s version the payout percentage is a slightly larger 99.56%.

Sadly NetEnt are not famed for having a huge collection of video poker games available and as such that single hand Jacks or Better game is going to be the only game worth playing from those they have available as their next highest paying video poker game is their All American version and the payout percentage of that game is a less than impressive 98.11%.

Gamble Option Affect on the RTP

Be aware that as you are going to be given the option, on certain video poker games of taking a Video Poker Gamble Game Option after having been dealt a winning hand combination, when you opt to take that gamble game it is going to affect the payout percentage of the game you are playing.

To avoid having a negative effect on the long term expected payout percentage of any video poker game variant you are playing then it is best practise to not take that gamble option whenever it is offered, and if you can turn off the gamble option via the game play settings then do so as it can slow the game down when offered at the end of any winning hand dealt out to you.

Author: Marcus Nilsson

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