History Of Blackjack

There has been a long debate on where the origins of blackjack are from. Indeed, the popular 21 game is a staple of every casino out there and one of the easiest to understand.

It is believed that blackjack was created around the 1700s, as the French called this game Vingt-et-Un, which is 21 in translation. This card game was popular back then because it was played during the reign of King Louis XV at the French Royal Court.

French Blackjack to American Blackjack

Besides having the variations of “Vingt-et-Un,” the popularity of the game had expanded well through North America. The card game made it to American shores somewhere in the 18th century with help from French colonists.

During this time, the game rapidly evolved and had gained popularity in America. This game blossomed in New Orleans around 1820 at their legalized gambling halls.

The rules of the game back then were different than the contemporary blackjack we all love and now know. For example, in the earlier form of blackjack, only the dealer was allowed to double.

The game was still called “21” when it amassed popularity in Nevada around 1931. The state first chose to make gambling legal, and this game happened to be around at that point.

To make the game even more appealing, some casinos would offer a particularly special bet. This bet included a hand that featured either of the black jacks (spades or clubs) plus the Ace of spades and would pay a 10-to-1 odds on the very lucky player’s bet.

Casinos would later backtrack this bet and make other bets as the years went on. The name blackjack happened to stick because of this original bet.

Change to Modern Day Blackjack

Beginning in the 20th century, the original name of blackjack was still called 21 in states like Nevada and New Jersey. But it was not long until this card game known as 21 had its name changed to blackjack. At this time, blackjack speed counting, or card counting, was making its way into the system as well.

Gambling halls and casinos needed a way to promote this newer game. They would offer bonus payouts and specials, including the one that paid extra if a black jack (a jack of spades or clubs) was dealt along with an ace of spades, just like they did in the 1930s.

As the game progressed in popularity, the bonus payouts became less and less common but still are attractive to players. The rules of the game have also changed following the legalization of gambling, but the core of it remained the same.

Blackjack Today

It is clear that blackjack was not originated by any one person at any one definite point in history. Over more than a century, the game has evolved and still grows to some extent even today.

The game has even managed to have variations make their way to casinos. Of course, if interested, you would need to check your local casino and brush up on the rules.

Since the game has been revolutionized and thanks to the internet, casinos have been able to make an online presence. At just about any given time, you can enjoy a live blackjack game from the comfort of your home.

To enjoy this feature, however, you have to live in a state that allows for online gambling. Even though the popularity of this style at play from home is fainting traction, not every state has been on board with it or tried to add it.

Blackjack is, without a doubt, a branded name that anyone who knows what cards are, can quickly identify what it is. With its rich history, it has transgressed into the game that it is today providing fun and money-making opportunities.

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