History of Roulette

As one of the most prominent games in the history of casinos everywhere, roulette has stood the test of time. You can see these games everywhere in casinos, and just about every time a movie shows a casino, roulette is always being played in the background.

Who Invented The Wheel?

In 1655, a caveman did not invent this wheel. Instead, a very intelligent French physicist, mathematician, and inventor named Blaise Pascal came up with this game.

However, Pascal was not seeking out a game to play to make money off of people. He instead was trying to make a perpetual motion machine.

His goal for his invention was to make something that would continue to operate without needing power from an external source. He tried to argue with the laws of physics and prove it wrong, but ultimately came up short.

This set back in his invention led to the creation of the French word roulette, “little wheel.” Although Pascal enjoyed a good gamble now and then, one has to wonder if he did make this one on purpose.

Europe’s Popularity

Francois and Louis Blanc essentially took the game over in 1842. The two of them designed a wheel for King Charles III of Monaco, with a single zero on it, and that game is still popular even today as the European version.

During this time, King Charles was facing financial hardship and was needing some serious dough. He then had a casino built and instructed the two of them to bring their game over.

This game generated a ton of income and quickly became the hottest thing around. This led to Monte Carlo’s upscale culture of gambling. Around this time also France had outlawed gambling, so this made the game even more desirable.

Heading to America

The game eventually found its way to Louisiana by European settlers coming over. People were excited at this new game and wanted to join in on the fun.

However, the game’s popularity did not take off right away since casino owners were not happy with the 5.26 percent house edge. They sought to have even more, and thus added the double zero.

Players were unhappy with the low odds and payouts. They were not only dealing with numbers 1 to 37 and a zero but now they added another number.

It took a long time for people to enjoy it. The game eventually grew popular and made its way to what we know now as the American version.

Roulette Today

With the rise of the internet and online gambling platforms, players can access roulette any time day or night. Online casinos have ultimately taken the gambling world by storm.

Indeed, the long-time popular game is still evolving with the success of online casinos. This leads to having all the roulette variations as well, and not limited to a land-based casino offering of roulette.

With online roulette play, you can take more advantage of paying attention to your bets and strategy. The atmosphere of a casino can be great but also distracting at times, and may cause you to lose focus.

In addition to a casino atmosphere, you can also play on an online casino but choose a live dealer version. This lets you tune in to a real live game without having to be there physically.

At any given moment, you can also check the odds of each roulette game and the rules. So if you find a variation online, such as the New Jersey roulette that you are unsure about, you can find more information at the click of a button.

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