History of Slot Machines

 first slot ACSlot Machines have been around since 1895, when a car mechanic named Charles Fay from San Francisco invented the very first one and started a craze that will last (and still lasting) over a century. Slots were and always will be one of the most popular games in brick-and-mortar casinos, although they haven’t seemed to change that much from Fay’s original Liberty Bell slot. It was the internet who revolutionized slots, and made them the flashy compelling games they are today.

So how did slot machines get to the next level? And why did they have to transform when they hit cyberspace? The first internet slots were basically replicas of the originals, complete with the box-style look and feel. Although digital graphics provided every tool necessary for creativity, artistic freedom was set aside in favor of the one-arm bandit old style; a style created by pragmatic design limitations derived from mechanical necessities of non-virtual casino slots. No doubt this choice helped many offline players to feel at home in the new medium, yet imagination had to wait.

But not for long! As traditional players became more and more comfortable with the online casinos, the bold creative approach of the designers started to show. After a relatively dull beginning, the time has come for online slots to hit the twenty first century. And hit they did – your old fruit machines and pokies burst out of the box, and the bandit lost its single arm and transformed into 3D games in original and funny settings (check out our Funny Poker Spoofs).

Great examples include Money Casino’s nostalgic Drive In Slots designed as an outdoor cinema where the symbols are projected on screens and instead of regular buttons you click on old ticket stubs. Money Casino’s Haunted Slots set on a lonely graveyard in a stormy night where the ghosts creep out from their tombstones. Or the 15-line Circus Side Show set as a performance stage.

If the first online slots were popular as they were, why bother create games at a first glance don’t look like slots at all? Well, in the spirit of our days this move was necessary. The human eye has always been hungry for novelty and beauty, and nowadays we so accustomed to fast computer games and fascinating visual stimulation. How could we be expected to settle for the old routine?

The internet is all about freshness. First it injected new blood to the industry by creating the largest market ever and reaching people who don’t have everyday access to land based. Then, in order to distinguish one casino from another – considering that table games can’t be visually modified too much – it’s the slots job to keep the casino remembered.

Another fantastic aspect of video slots and slot machines online are the lucrative rewards that accompany the beautiful visuals. Internet slots have a remarkable range of bonus features that leave their monotonous ancestors light years behind: not only wild symbols, multipliers and scatter pays, but also amazing bonus screens with inner mini-games where you win more credits without using your own coins. In our bonus slots Texas Tea you play Black Gold, on the Midway Money Wheel you spin a wheel of fortune, or in Fire Gods you play Lava lake, for example. And we haven’t even mentioned the progressive jackpot slots yet.

In addition to superior looks and compelling play features, what makes online slot games better than offline Las Vegas slot machines is that they offer free practice games from the comfort of your own home. You can get to know the game, see if it’s a tight or loose slot, or simply entertain yourself with free games before playing real money slots. Of course when you play from home there is no waiting in turn or people lurking around your hot machine…

So what is the future of this fun game? Classic slots will always stay, but video slots will grow more and more paylines, and bonus screens will surely become more intricate, Whatever the future holds, slots will always be one the most popular gambling games in the world and players can’t wait to see what exciting new faces it will have.

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