Hit Frequency of Slot Game Free Spins Rounds

ladies-nite-mainWe recently wrote an article which listed a few slot games and enlightened you on those Slot Games Bonus Trigger Points, that article is worth checking out for it lists a range of slot games and lets you know just how many spins are on average required in between bonus games triggering, and will give you a way of structuring your slot play to get the best winning payouts when those bonus games are awarded.

We have noticed that particular article getting a lot of attention recently by our website visitors and as such have put together this article and an additional one entitled How Often Do Pick and Win Bonus Games Trigger, have a read through this article and then check the other one out as they come packed with a lot of valuable facts and figures.

When you play any bonus game awarding slot, whether that slot awards you with free spins or pick to win type bonus feature rounds, the slot machine will be designed to trigger those bonus game features at regular intervals, and this can be worked out by counting up the bonus game awarding scatter or bonus symbols and then finding out how many symbols are on each reel and then with some mathematical wizardry you can quite accurately work out when the bonus games will on average be awarded.

Below is a set of slot games from Microgaming and alongside each of them are the average hit frequency of those bonus games, the number of spins between you being awarded each respective bonus game will vary as each slot if of course random, but one slot playing strategy you could try out is as soon as you start to get close to the number of spins usually required to trigger the bonus game you increase your wager amount in the hope it triggers when you are playing for slightly higher stakes than you had been playing for.

Cashapillar Slot – You have to get three, four or all five of the Scatter symbols spinning into view when playing this 100 payline Cashapillar slot to be awarded with the free spins bonus game, and the frequency of those number of scatter symbols spinning in are as follows; 3 scatters should spin in on average once every 169 times, 4 should spin in once every 3765 spins and one of these symbols on all five reels will happen once every 214,885 spins played on the base game!

Ladies Nite Slot – Three, four or five scatter symbols appearing during any one single base game spin played on this 15 optional payline Ladies Nite slot is going to award a set of 15 free spin on x3 multipliers and three of them should appear on average every143 spins, four should spin in on average every 2895 spins and all five of them should spin in every 146,667 spins!

Harvey’s Slot – You will only trigger the free spins on the Harvey slot game when you have a scatter symbol spinning in on reels numbered two and four but both must spin in together on any position on those two reels in the same base game spin. The average number of times this will happen is once every 127 spins.

Loaded Slot – You will have a decision to be made when you spin in three or more scatter symbols on Microgaming’s Loaded slot game and that is how you intend to play out your free spins as you get given three options all of which come with different multiplier values and a different set amount of free spins, however the number of times you should be awarded the free spins is as follows, three scatters on average spin in once every 109 spins, 4 spin in once every 2042 spins and all five of them should appear once every 95,993 spins on average, so you are more likely to see three scatter spinning in as opposed to four or five of them, but as this slot is random anything can and does happen when you are playing it online.

Munchkins Slot – You will be hoping to spin in three of the Biscuit symbols or even more of them when playing this slot game for that is how you are awarded with 20 free spins on x2 multipliers, you have a much better chance of spinning in those scatter symbols when you play this slot game online for the way the reel strips are laid out you will find on average the number of spins between you spinning 3, 4 or all 5 scatter symbols are 94 spins, 1659 spins and 73,543 spins respectively.

So not only will you have a better chance of initially triggering those free spins but you will also have a much better chance of re-triggering the free spins round as it is playing off, so do keep that in mind when you are looking for a free spins awarding video slot game to play.

Secret Admirer Slot – You have to get one scatter symbol on reel one and also one of them on the second reel to be awarded with free spins when playing this slot online, and this bonus game trigger scatter symbols combination will spin in once every 139 spins on average.

However, you only are awarded with three free spins, and you need to spin in a third scatter symbol during those free spins as it is only the scatter pays that pay during the free spins round, if you do get a third another three free spins are awarded and you will be looking for a fourth scatter to spin in and if so then another three free spins are awarded and you will be hoping a fifth scatter symbol spins in as they are playing out.

Tally Ho Slot – The number of free spins you will be awarded with when three or more scatters spin in on Microgaming’s Tally Ho slot game is 10 of them and they have x4 multiplier values attached. The average number of spins required to spin in 3, 4 or all 5 scatter is identical to the Ladies Nite slot game listed above.

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