Holyfield-Tyson III? Coming To A New Jersey Sportsbook Near You!

No, you did not misread the title above. Being in your 50s and retired for several years is not enough to keep Evander Holyfield from issuing a challenge to Mike Tyson to meet in the ring. Perhaps watching him tear it up with his trainers on Instagram is enough to fire him up.

There has not been a bigger fighter to come out of retirement since the fictitious Rocky Balboa to fight Mason “The Line” Dixon in 2006. This could do some serious action in the sportsbooks. And the ratings would be off the charts.

The two have fought two previous times, with Holyfield claiming victory in both of those fights. Most notably, Tyson is infamous for biting off part of the ear of his opponent during one of their bouts. That equaled instant disqualification for him and gave Holyfield a victory.

Both of these guys had some fantastic moments during their heydays. Tyson retired with a 50-6 record, including 44 knockouts. His career began back in 1985 when he was but 18 years of age. At age 19, he became the youngest fighter to ever have a share of the heavyweight title.

Holyfield had a 42-8 record with 27 knockouts in 52 bouts, with a pair of draws. He competed for 27 years, beginning at age 22 in the year of 1984. The two of these guys were fantastic during their run. So just how much action would this draw in the New Jersey Sportsbooks?

Considering how much betting action has gone into UFC over the past week, it is a cinch that it would be the equivalent of a box-office hit like Avatar in 2009. It is very rare for two all-time greats to come out of retirement to take each other on.

Too Close To Call

There are no odds currently available, but it is safe to say that making a prediction on this one would be tough. That is what is going to drive the sportsbooks to do so well. Given the unknown being that they haven’t been in the ring in so long, there will be huge sums of money wagered on each participant.

It is truly impressive, though, watching Tyson go at it in the videos he’s posted. He had a significant beer gut as recently as the fall, and now he looks like he’s back to his prime. It is amazing what a work ethic like that can do for an athlete.

Getting back to Holyfield, he was always known as a standout in the ring. He is the only boxer in history to win the undisputed championship in two different weight classes.

A more in-depth look at the first time they met in the ring shows how competitive they were against one another. The fight lasted 11 rounds before Holyfield eventually TKO’ed Tyson.

The second fight featured Tyson biting off part of Holyfield’s ear. This got him disqualified, handing him just one of six career defeats, two of which were handed to him by Evander.

Current Offer

Twenty-three years later, the offer from Holyfield is presenting itself to Tyson. This comes on the heels of Tyson being offered $20 million to fight a younger opponent in the Bare Knuckle Boxing promotion by the President, David Feldman.

There is so much fantastic betting to be done on this fight. For those who watched the original fight in 23 years and had been supporting Holyfield, there is a lot of disdain for Tyson. And those in Tyson’s corner would likely share the opposite sentiments.

New Jersey Sportsbooks like PointsBet will have all of the odds once it’s decided if Tyson wants to get at with him to conclude the trilogy.

There were 14 years between Pixar’s The Incredibles I and II. 23 years between fights of Holyfield and Tyson. That’s how long it has been.

So, get ready. Because if this happens, it would be worth betting your top dollars on.

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